Well, is he right?

Well, is he right?

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But you can't say this. That's freedom, democracy and shit.

Are gaijins mad?

Yes, have you ever been shopping with a woman?

Nono, I agree

Portugeese and Dutch have been in contact with the Japanese forever. You are not gaijin to them, you are like the only acceptable brown people in their eyes

>I'm a yankoid cunt abroad and here is my obnoxious opinion

But they kicked us out after the Portuguese missionaries tried to convert too many of them. But not before introducing them to pretty neat guns :^)

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Why is it difficult to believe normal people live in this shithole, zhang?

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Based and redpilled

He is right, FUCK women

>suggets men should do more domestic work
>roasties seethe anyway

I'm so glad I'm gay so I don't have to deal with this bullshit
Have fun with your roasties straighties, I'm off that boat

It's just facts.

Fucking stupid.

Should've said women are objects and should stay in the house and be breeding slaves.


I fucking hate westerners so much
Mind your own fucking business for fucks sake

sorry davido

That was kinda cringe bro

>ugh... i wish we were as BASED as japan

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>Mind your own business

Like Japan minded their own business in the Pacific when they had the ability to project their power over the seas? How about no and take the fat L for losing the war for tiny nipdick supremacy in asia and becoming the west's bitch for eternity, faggot.

Your business is our business, now slave away at your shitty suicidal job so we can have more toyotas, takehiro.


No, women make plans and shit and know where everything is. They can buy less though since they're weaker. Then again women take up less space and need less oxygen.

The real bane are old people who stay for hours because they're bored. And suddenly when they check out they won't keep their distance. Or they're trying to chat with personell.
And the worst shit are teenagers.

>Japs have a million 海外の反応 blogs
>Love hearing foreigners praise them
>Foreigners say something bad
>Mind your own fucking business for fucks sake

yes, men are the ones who should be handling money anyways

>women should do the shopping because they're more organiz--

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>No, women make plans and shit and know where everything is.

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>Men are less price sensitive on average than women shoppers, so grocers may find there are opportunities to sell more expensive items so this group
So women should do the shopping because spend more time browsing for good deals.

Yes and no. Yes, because men do generally just get the shit they need and go straight out, they don't usually browse or window shop. No, because women are usually the ones doing the shopping, so men don't know where everything is in the shop so they will take longer to find things.

nah men just buy more beef than women

>because women are usually the ones doing the shopping
now who's the one being sexist?

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he would change his opinion after he saw me and my gang at alcohol display