What gang does your neighborhood currently belong to?

What gang does your neighborhood currently belong to?

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the banking system


They call themselves “Zoes”. They are Haitian gang

You voted for that.

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of course there are bloods in MonteNEGRO

The Antioch Police Department

Fuck 12

idk we even have music about them

You can't.


Or else communists hordes will come to eat you.

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green cutters (boomer mowers)

los vatos locos

Where my /hightrustsociety/ Bois at? We need to represent is this thread or the thirdies will start to think they own the place!

Arabs but turks seem to be scheming something against them. There'll be several shootings after the quarantine is over.

Boomer landlord gang. They are pretty powerfull in Moscow and SaintP

I don't live in a ghetto. Mostly rich boomers I guess.

>his neighborhood has a gang

Used to be IRA. Now that they're gone, there is a free slot for me to start my own gang

working class whites

The tax authorities

bloods and crips, meet up in the streets it's a gang war life, bitch


white boomer gang

the Ballas

Dial Street PX3

These fuckers fight for territory here.

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second line

I live in an upper class neighborhood. We used to not have a gang until quarantine hit, and then a gang of mutts calling themselves the "KillerZ" took over

la cosa nostra

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a localised earwig infestation

We have a PMC working as security guards