How do you feel about irish people?

how do you feel about irish people?

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Good guys. Soul.
But they drink too much.


Coming from Northern Ireland; nicest people in the world nothing like this shithole

They don't exist over here

People like them here generally. Some weirdos even celebrate St.Patrick's Day(it's just an excuse to get shitfaced but still)

I like them. My italian friend is in love with Ireland, in fact she goes there every year.
Greetings from russianon.

I love Irish songs

They're just Catholic Englishmen

>... Northern Ireland...


I like them

She looks like some cro-magnon-proto-european from 10 000BC.

How do they have such high GDP per capita?

Some big American companies pay some of their taxes to Ireland thus artificially increasing the Irish GDP.

>occupied Ireland
That’s Southern Ireland

they're based
like the scots they make the english SEETH


Lived in Co. Wexford for 3 years. Friendly people that are pretty similar to the English.

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Fuck off

Mental that if their ancestors found them 200 years ago they would probably kill them for being English.

do you love the saoirse?

Irish-Americans are not Irish?

Beautiful country and history, but the real gem is the culture. Ireland's got a lot of soul.
I've been chipping away at learning the language to make my protestant family spin in their graves, it's interesting.

We're nothing like the angloids you cunts

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What movie is this?

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Thanks bros :)

I thought you'd get us Russia-non

Should i emigrate there? I'm an engineer. I need to leave this tourist trap shithole