How long have you been on lockdown, Yas Forums? Only tutorial countries don't get full lockdowns

How long have you been on lockdown, Yas Forums? Only tutorial countries don't get full lockdowns.

Me? 50 days, they extended it up to 75 days. I am running out of money since the middle class doesn't get gibs

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>I am running out of money since the middle class doesn't get gibs
Kek here its the same. Fucking politicians

God, we are doomed.
How long have you been on lockdown?

around a month
i work as a programmer so work from home is a must
its like a dream come true
i stay at home all day and dont have to deal with the traffic or any of that bullshit and get paid the same as always

A month now, but I get paid (less)
Pretty comfy really, it's like being a neet but without stress

We don't really have lockdowns. Only schools, pubs and clubs seem to be closed. A lot of stores are open

Ive been at home for 45 days,and not allowed to leave lawfully for 23 days now. it was fun and good but it is kinda boring and depressing now. Its 10am and i haven't slept because time has no meaning for me. Im sick of this shit

Same with my brother, he actually saves more money here.

That is because you are a tutorial country with a well functioning healthcare system that can take large amounts of sick people.
You probably still got gibs too despite all that.

What do you do?
I'm running out of video games to play.

How is France?

Nigga these lockdowns even are way too strict. There's less people in hospitals than in normal times.

>people seriously replying to this spammer
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Leave him alone

Then you just have to wait, you are living a more free life right now how about you appreciate it and wait for the virus to finally settle down?

Countries like mine are forced to do a lockdown because if we don't we will turn into an Ecuador

nothing literally. browsing youtube and playing games and go through Instagram feed all day long

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>if we don't we will turn into an Ecuador
What's happening there

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Report him.
We are not doing anything wrong.

They are Italy 2.0, in fact much worse, because not only is the virus spreading fast, it is a 3rd world shithole so they can't do much.

Thank god, thank god, Duterte scares people to not go outside by telling them if they cause harm to others they will get shot. If he didn't we would be like that by now.

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>I am running out of money since the middle class doesn't get gibs
Good. Fucking starve, parasite.

clean it up janny

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What's the point of these toilets?
A friend had them (in France) that was the first time that I saw that, I thought it was disgusting desu

Rude australian.

Me too.
I've almost finished FF7R, and have almost played Animal Crossing to death.
I'm thinking of playing some classic game I haven't played in a long time.

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Maybe no splash in the butt


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Saving water? I dunno.

Dude what the fuck that's massive. The cunt hadn't shat for a week I reckon

how abour saving serverspace and oxygen by killing yourself you piece of shitcunt

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You dont need gibs money you need to loose weight kaguyafag

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no lockdown