Did you know why there are so many BLACK PEOPLE in usa...

did you know why there are so many BLACK PEOPLE in usa? its unironically actually because they were shipped from africa and used as SLAVES.
what the fuck?

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wtf is that true

they never stopped receiving black immigrants, most of the blacks in the usa are late immigrants from haiti, jamaica, and other caribbean islands, add the fact that each black female has at least 4 kids and there you have it

Wtf america? This can't be real....

>most of the blacks in the usa are late immigrants from haiti, jamaica, and other caribbean islands
Vehemently untrue

Brazil has more

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why would they do that wtf i hate yanks now

No way, why did they stop using them as slaves ?

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Seriously? Well, I've heard from a guy with a mustache that they ships that brought them were Jewish, is that true guys?

The mistake was not sending them back to Africa.

Yes, this is why the USA isn't a white country, at least definitely a lot less whiter than actual white nations like Uruguay and Argentina, even though Americans like to believe the opposite.

Big if true.

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The mistake was slavery itself, why couldn't Europe just reproduce like bunnies instead of bringing slaves?

too many for a program like that. many volunteered to go, and proceeded to treat the native africans as second-class citizens in their own lands.

the trinitarians in Ny, haitians in miami, and jamaicans in all of america, in fact in modern times the population has fell so much that in the future it will be straight up african immigrants the majority of the black population in america

america??? it was all fun and games
until now,...

>haiti, jamaica, and other caribbean islands,
And how do you think they ended up there you dumb nigger

who could have done this

white people did it

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Who the hell would want a black slave?

less than 10% of the black population in America is foreign retard, most black americans descend from slavery within the continental united states
>using NY as an example
well no shit it has a lot of immigrants but isn't a good representation of the entire black population. we literally have more blacks here than the population of entire european countries

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ok thats it, it is time hate them

Wait! They went in America for free ? Lucky people

No. While the ships that brought them were owned privately, they were owned by local wealthy men who lived in the biggest empires of the time (Spain, Portugal, Britain). It is true that ashkenazi jews owned a disproportionate amount of slaves but they only owned 2% of slaves total. The main likely reasoning why they owned more Jews on average is because wealthy people owned more Jews on average (no shit)! And before anyone says anything, about 40% of families in the south owned slaves and there aren't many jews at all here. If you want to blame anyone for slavery, blame richfags instead of crackers, kikes, or niggers.


Wagies work harder and produce more profits than slaves. Slavery is unironically, bad business.

This is why I will never respect a jakubite white devil

>find 2 nice new continents
>fill it with niggers
I hate meds (that includes anglos)

wageslavery today really has no difference from actual slavery

Wtf did you.know.that your government kills people who don't pay taxes?

our government does that a lot

Wtf that's Immoral!