Very precise map of the distribution of muslims in the world

Very precise map of the distribution of muslims in the world

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Wahhabi are not sunni?

>zero green blobs in western europe

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They are a branch of Sunnism. I don’t know why the map maker put them separate, probably just for the sake of showing where they are.

Immigrants in Western Europe are concentrated in (capital) cities, it wouldn’t reach show up on a map.

There are muslims in 'nam?

Guess what, Yas Forums memes aren’t actually real. Who would have guessed

>there are 150 million muslims in india while 100 in north africa but the latter is greener.

Vietnam used to have a lot of muslims (Chams) but they got converted/killed/assimilated after the viet chams wars.

>not in Germany
>not in Austria
>not in France
>not in Sweden
Oh no no no.

Population proportions

not the case for france. it should show up green dots in Marseilles Lyon and Paris and Toulouse

Ah ok
did you know the fatimids that founded cairo and ruled all north africa were shi'a (purple) but the people were sunni

The maghreb was not really fully sunni during the fatimid era, sunni were probably not a majority yet. A lot of shias (kutama and such), khawaridj, and some others sects (berghwata etc.).
that's why Abu Yazid almost destroyed the fatimids.

Sunnis became the majority after the almoravid, almohad etc. waves.

Yeah I knew it was something along those lines. And Iran used to be full of Sunnis before the safavids. Times change.

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Also obviously jews/christians. (especially in Egypt, wich was majority christian in its population during the fatimid era).

From where did you get that info, i am interested.
didn't know that, thanks

Pretty crazy how few tens of thousands of qizibillah managed to convert 10+ millions of iranians to shiism, just for purely tactical political gains against the ottoman (rival turkic sunni power).
The same way few thousands of kutama built the fatimid empire to spit the sunni aghlabid.

That's random facts, that's basic history.
Just read any book related to those events.

and it is safe to say most of kpop fans are muslim school girls.

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>completely leaving out an entire continent
>precise map
Also, according to the 2016 census, 2.6% of Australians are Muslim.

>it was estimated that there were almost 500,000 Muslims in the City of Paris, 1.5 million Muslims in the Île-de-France region, and 4 to 5 million Muslims in France
Big yikes

>a weirdo religion of mindless fanaticism, oppression and cruelty is practiced in extreme climates such as deserts and jungles where man must often act decisively and without a second thought to save his life

it figures

colonizing africa is the big yikes
brainlet take

>Big yikes
big based
pump those numbers up insha-allah

If I remember it right this is a map for 2040


Yea that's far from being the majority

Yet only 14 percent of the population in India.

that percentage is going up by the day thanks to hindu abortion practices and muslim fertility rates

Islam bad. Simple as

Not a good thing. THESE GUYS all they do is marry and fuck without contraception. There is a reason every third world dead end is muslim or has a heavy muslim past.

ahh yes the heavy muslim pasts of latin america and subsaharan africa

>subsaharan africa
>no muslim past
top kek user

Latin America is getting better, unironically america is fucking the uber spic nations, also too much muttery

most of these countries were never controlled by muslims or conquered by muslims. pick up a history book
>Latin America is getting better
some countries. most are getting worse.

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But they have a HEAVY muslim past. Seriously search it up.

LatAm, the most mutted parts are the shittiest.