1. you're cunt

1. you're cunt
2. are you ready for the antipodean century?

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alot of buzzwords but no cure, sad!


t. foreign worker

Racists BTFO

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apologise first, then we can talk

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I'm down to move to palmerston north

this is proof what can achieved when country accept Chinese guidance! we follow Chinese curve of decreased cases!

i dont follow or understand sportsball what happened here

How do they do it?

how did sweden control it with no lockdown?


By crashing the economy with no survivors

>led by ideological opposites
come on

It's not controlled in Sweden

>their nonpolitical approach is restoring trust in democracy
>nonpolitical approach
The New York Times really is fucking garbage neoliberal propaganda. We are barely even testing and social distancing and quarantine measures have been all but a joke outside of maybe the Sydney CBD.
The government is recording "testing" numbers for covid-19 at places that don't even have access to coronavirus test kits.They're also obscuring the number of deaths by not adding deaths where older people have died from pneumonia and other complications due to contracting the virus. It's a fucking joke.

This always gives me a laugh.

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I just want my Fush N Chups back bro

the chinese ruined fish and chips long before the lockdown started

None of the takeaway places in my town even suspended operating hours but I heard New Zealand took quarantine measures a lot more seriously.

How do ruin fish and chips?

Shut the fuck up libtard

Either stop using cancerous yank terminology or fuck off back to the USA.


New Zealand is on full lockdown but they'll be able to return to normal sooner
As soon as Scomo lifts the lockdown we'll just have a singapore on our hands and a second wave will spread like fucking wildfire, it's going to be hilarious

shut the fuck up shit cunt


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Is that all you have? I point out the reality of what's actually going on to contradict American neoliberal propaganda and you sperg out like a yank cunt, defending this bullshit?
Australians are dying while the government lies about it and American billionaire media uses it as leverage to further pressure economies into opening up early out of greed. Any Australian that defends this bullshit has no right to be here. So no cunt, you shut the fuck up.

We went completely into lockdown, only the absolute necessities stayed open, so no fast food places. But we're stepping down a level on Tuesday

It's just fun

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>people dying and trying to silence dissent to propaganda is fun
Neck yourself.

Being a yankified grub who is such a shutin that he uses foreign words is 'fun'

>led by ideological opposites
>centre-left and centre-right are OPPOSITES

fucking cringe

lmao sounds based to me

no people, no virus

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The conservashits in America are actually making more sense to open up sooner rather than later, but not because of the "muh need to work harder to please my boss" reason. The economic arguments are completely legit, as well as the case for immunity and the virus not being particularly lethal.

hello, based department?

>No, Greg, no, you can't do that!

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