What if Kim looked like this? right one

What if Kim looked like this? right one.

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north koreans like bubbly fat smiley guy as their leaders

He's genuinely cool.

then Korea would already be reunited

women would go nuts for that

his brother

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he can be fat again when he gets older

do you think his friends just call him kim?

sorry to ruin it for you, but it's his lastname

He would be a complete anime villain, he already sounds like one:

Sounds much older than he is imo

It would be Kino world

>Gets to power
>Push for reunification to enjoy K-music freely
>Founds a new entertainment agency that rivals SM and JYP
Why isn't this a drama yet

how come we dont have ant nuke?
why are we so pathetic

soul vs soulless

You do realise that the big headed wide faced one is 10 times more masculine and extremely high testosterone.

There is a direct correlation with prenatal/ post puberty testosterone and facial width.

The leaders usually just the guy with the big face

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North Koreans wouldn't like him

wish i had been his buddy in school in Switzerland
sounds like a cool dude

>the telegraph
Western propaganda is so efficient that the average person isn't even aware of it.
>he already sounds like one
Korea was invaded, divided up and has had constant existential threats and sanctions from America and the greater western world, with the aim of destroying their country from the inside. North Korean leadership has shown absolutely fucking incredible levels of constraint considering all of the major western countries that has spent decades calling it a rouge nation and threat to world peace have all been involved in invading other countries, committing war crimes and other throwing foreign governments. North Korea has done nothing but try to keep to themselves but apparently they aren't allowed to use nuclear deterrence as a means of self defence even while the USA has nuclear warheads in multiple missile bases around the region all aimed at North Korea.
The double standards you retards have is mindblowing.


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its just fat lmao

Hows aus zhang? with all this coronavirus stuff are you scared that some bogans are gonna bash your stupid flat face in

>t. coping fat in denial

Why doesn't he just change his diet?
In 4-5 months he would achieve normal BMI

why would he? he can get any girl he wants

To be able to enjoy his public image as not being a disgusting fat blob?

Is he dead or what?

This is pseudoscience and you're fat.

he's probably in a critical condition but not dead (yet)

Imagine going to these lengths to delude yourself instead of just accepting that you're fat and do something about it

If he ends up a vegetable that probably makes things a bit confusing.

Yeah wide from bone structure not lard you fucking fatass