Caturday edition

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Dobré ráno /v4/.
What's your plan for this beautiful Saturday sunshines?


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My plan is to bless this thread.

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Good morning :)
To have fun playing with my friends

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I have to do all the work for this semester in the next 5 days :( its so nice outside and the bars are starting to open again. Next few days will be sooo shit.


Laze around, go for a jog in the evening. Tomorrow I was supposed to have my internship, they‘ve decided to hold it remotely lmao. Wonder what that‘s gonna look like. 14 hours though, my whole sunday is gonna be ruined.

I have:
>masters degree
>An own flat
>own car
>Extensive knowledge about the crimes of the Slavic race
>10 cm penis

What do you have?

shagged that thing in vr, sploded like a 20 Mt nuke

Good morning :)
there is no plan but to enjoy the rainy day :)

Gimme a link to the game senpai

need to shave
i look homeless

Citizenship in a first world country.


an itchy anus

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thanks bro

I thought Slovakia doesn't allow dual citizenship.

Me too! I have started treating it with tramorrhoid cream and now it‘s a bit better. Butt still bleeds when wiping tho

My saving grace is that I don't live in Hungayry lmao.

>An own flat
God I wish that were me.

>trump told people to inject desinfectant
Why are right wing politicians so stupid?

Reducing infected numbers.

I am an incel.

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Gonna go for a long walk :)

We should start donating food and medical supplies to Belarus.

nah, they will defeat corona with potatoes


My posture corrector is here, finally I can stop slouching :)

give pic of it

What does it look like?

Hi fellas!
Have you ever met an user irl?


I met Iravak Sold him ecstasy then we gangbanged random hoe 7/10 would try again

Kelko stoji xtc na slovensku?

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yes :)


>CDPR is worth more than the biggest Polish bank now
Damn, I should‘ve bought some stocks before they released TW3


Is it real tho? I don't know if pure MDMA even exists here.

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