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There has never been a good thread posted under a Vietnamese flag.

Personal favorite

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Pinches furros

A bit more traditional...

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finding good furry porn is like finding a needle in the wheat

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the text in that is retarded. id be lying if I told you to stop.

wtf vietnam bros

yeah its dumb
it should be "i'd be lying if i told you i dont want this"

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I like it best when the predator gets raped by the prey

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Look up "Simon Bisley" if you are interested in european comic art that doesn't suck

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I want a bf who will breed me like this uwu

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is male-on-male rape common in india

get some taste you plebs

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Based furfag

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Why 9 of every 10 furry shit is also gay shit?

Because furry is a gay fetish, if I am not mistaken many furry conventions have to test for HIV.

yбиpaйcя oтcюдa, cтaлкep

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would be kinda gay to not want to fuck gerudo link imo
dunno, as long as its not scalies and its good quality i'd fap to it

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Don't drill her head, whad the fug is wrong with you? :DDDD

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Do Spanish people really?

Janny, you have some cleaning to do!

based but fk furry and tranny porn.

i think int has the laziest jannies. if i make b8 threads on other boards it gets 404d within 1-2 min after the post.

do spanish people what?

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also, do your job properly instead of banning people because they trigger you.

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Why are subhumans like you so obsessed with janitors?

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