What would it take to win the heart of a woman like this?

What would it take to win the heart of a woman like this?

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a mastectomy

she's a child, freak

what is it with black men and """""thick""""" light skin women

Money, thots don't have hearts.

She's 18 now retard. She post nudes on instagram.

you can't post nudes in Instagram


GO check she did it.

Latinas with big tits pretty much only fuck rich guys. So just have money and it’s done

Are there even women looking like that in Sudan? Anyway, just talk to them

REMINDER - that girl was 16 years old at the time of that webm

I know this because I posted it years ago

this is the actual benchmark standard of beauty here
>voluptuous body
>light skin
>straight hair
>purely caucasian face
that's it

probably has physical preferences in her partner

A badass truck and dick that stays hard after nutting

WOW That's a very JUICY Sandwich she's eating

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The opinion of gays aren't necessary

>and dick that stays hard after nutting
this happens to everyone right



She doesnt look 16 at all

She was 16 at the time of that webm user. She used to have insta and scammed people out of money for nudes - didn’t send them anything Kek

I am asking if there are even women looking like that in sudan, have you ever seen a person that looks like her irl?

yeah but arabian face, most are much darker and with evident negroid admixture. I don't consider it bad I enjoy the diversity

I had a sudanese girl in my french class. She could’ve passed for like South Indian. Is there differences in skin tone based on tribe and shit?

That fact that this woman is reserved for the top 5 percent of men have made me completely give up on women and life in general

>she probably a cunt

And? I was never the one to be woo by what ever excuse for a personality women craft up, I'm a visuals person.

absolutely and people in these past few generations have become far more embracing and celebratory about it. Sometimes you'll encounter chauvinistic buffoons stirring crap but they're mostly uneducated rural folk

just search "mati dropbox" on google or something you can probably find her nudes

>mexicans you socially inept retard . what do you think women just want you do bee yourself ? Fucking looser

Be black

woman have physical prefences but it is not as extreme as with males, women have bigger empaty than males and they develope feelings even if you are not their type, in other words if you can maintain an interesting conversation with a female you can also make her have sex with you if you are good at convincing her, the act of flirting is a mind game

considering you're saying she was doing this shit at 16 that sounds like a bad idea

A burger