For ESLs, which language do you "think" in?

For ESLs, which language do you "think" in?

For me, everything is in English. But I count in a different language because it's quicker and I can count faster.

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>different language
which one? most languages I know of have either longer words for numbers or about the same

I often think in English, it's probably a 50/50 split with Italian at this point (yes I'm cucked big time). I can also think in other languages I am fluent in, but it doesn't come naturally unless I'm in the right setting (usually being abroad or working in one of those languages)

Man FUCK ESL class. I was bornes and raised in Canada and English is the only language I know.

But because I was brown and didn’t talk because I was shy they put me in ESL for years until they realized I was fluent

Wow that's some extreme autism

How good is your English? If I give you an academic paper would you be able to understand?

Reading an academic paper doesn't take that much
If you're truly know a language you'll be able to write one, and even better, "speak" one

Mostly English. I only think in Spanish when I'm interacting with other people.

>didn’t talk because I was shy they put me in ESL for years until they realized I was fluent
wtf you didn't had a conversation for a year?

I sometimes think in Armenian or Russian, it’s pretty random.
> But I count in a different language because it's quicker and I can count faster.
It better not be French because that 22 + 4 - 9 bullshit is fucking stupid

I just finished a reading intensive degree and to be honest I often struggle with scholarly articles/journals

If you’re talking about chemistry or engineering or something equally technical sure. But there’s no way in hell you’re going to read scholarly work in Literature or other linguistically intensive topics without a very high degree of mastery in the language

I got a C2 certificate 4 years ago and even back then I already got an A, so yeah I'd say pretty good. I also often get compliments on my accent by Brits and Paddies.

I still make some minor grammar mistakes though, so there's that. I often mix up prepositions.

>I often struggle with scholarly articles/journals
Me, too. Even in Spanish. I think it's more to do with the subject matter.

Damn C2 is pretty good how long did it take to get tht? I’m guessing you studied in school?

I finished university French thinking I was B2. Turns out I’m barely B1. Reading and writing is easy but I fucked up so hard in talking

in pure abstraction with no involvement of language, very smooth, fast and holistic

mostly in english, only think in indonesian when talking to family

Yeah I think so too. I remember I had to read some boring article on French phonetics almost killed myself

I only think in words if I want to say what I am thinking. Otherwise my thoughts are not really defined by specific words or an order of words.

>Damn C2 is pretty good how long did it take to get tht? I’m guessing you studied in school?
Funny anecdote: a classmate of mine was once complaining with my English teacher about the fact that we weren't doing anything in class. My teacher just laughed and straight up told her
>Do you seriously think you're gonna learn English at school?

Yeah I did have English classes at school, but I'd say I got fluent mostly because a shitton of content on the internet is only available in English, so you're kinda forced to learn it. I guess it was the same for a lot of people here on 4chin. I was 18 when I got my C2 certificate, don't really know how long you could say I had been studying English. I was arguably exposed to it for my whole life, because my parents are Flips. I actually learnt to count in English first.

It took me 4 years of non-intensive classes to reach C1 in German though.

Man fuck me I wish I knew more languages. I hope to get C1 in French one day.

Did you live in Italy your whole life? You have English, German, Italian, and I’m guessing Tagalog ?

>I hope to get C1 in French one day.
Find a francophone friend and it will be much, much easier.

I also speak French, Spanish (being romance speaker helps a lot) and some Chinese (B1/B2).
Yeah I lived in Italy my whole life, but I spent a few months in Germany, Ireland and China. Going abroad isn't as important as some say though, IMO. Getting a private tutor and friends that can help is much more efficient. While I was in Erasmus in Germany my French improved much more than my German because my friends were mostly frogs lel.

Cantonese, it just flows faster than counting onetwothreefour.

Kill me bro i live in an anglophone city. How do private lessons work? I’m about to start some group French lessons. Maybe one day I can afford private

I'm ETL, but who cares.
It's usually in a Portuguese and Italian mix, heavily biased towards Portuguese. I'll only think in English or German when interacting with either language, as now. (Or when talking with my cat, I use German with her.)

I’m learning portuguese right now

How do I stop translating things to english in my head?

create your own immersion
watch movies, listen to songs, sing along with the song, pray in the language, read jokes etc in the language, use forum with that language change your game settings, computers etc with that language

>i live in an anglophone city
You could try checking out if the French community organizes activities in your city, here in Rome they're pretty active, the same in Dublin.

>How do private lessons work?
Well you can just tell the tutor what your goals are and they will usually plan the programme accordingly. Personally I had a private tutor for a year to prepare my German exam, we just got a book for the exam and revised all the grammar that was needed. Oftentimes we would just have a chat and then correct all the grammar mistakes I made.
IMO they're a much better investment than group classes, but they can get boring after a few months.

The thing I hate the most about group classes is that they will usually expect you to attend all the levels in order (A1.1, A1.2, A2.1...) which makes any additional effort on your part almost useless. Before getting my private tutor I was attending a freaking B1 course lel, and then I got a C1 certificate with 3h/week of private tutoring for 8 months (no the tutor was no superman, it was the Austrian institute that was retarded to not allow me to jump)

watch tv/movies in Portuguese dub with Portuguese subtitles. shit is hard but you’ll pick up a lot

It's not a matter of how but when. It took me three seconds to come up with that sentence in English, I did not translate

That’s so true. My university French classes were insanely easy holy fuck. I’m going to take classes at l’alliance française and yeah it has various levels.

I’m praying to god that the shutdown will end soon and I can study French in Quebec in July. Our version of euromas is called explore. Anglos learn French in another part or Canada and francophones learn English. When I did it in 2018 we we we’re just drinking half the time fun as fuck.

It sucks because the French organizations here are just for old boomers

Go for it user, you seem pretty motivated, that's good.

If you are on social media make sure to follow French pages and newspapers, it helps.

None. Mostly I just thinking. If I am in a mental monologue, it depends on the setting. Trivia: I write academic stuff in Portuguese, curse in (brit) English, and my interjections often come out as Japanese -- etooo anooo are superior to the retarded uhhh ahhh hmmm Western ones

Thanks mate I’m going to sleep night bro

I just think*

theres some words in english that sound better tough
mesmerizing for example

Good night!

LMFAO we do this too. A hapa kid and his family I knew only spoke English, but he still had to go through it.