Please call me "mi amor"

Please call me "mi amor"

It means "cool bro" in Spanish

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wow you're so cute and quirky
it must be great being a cute and quirky user from
>checks flag
costa rica

heeey mi amor, what is your name?

sup mi amor
How's the lockdown going

hijo de puta te va a llevar la calaca

mi puta cabrĂ³n

mi amor is a bro, aint no one gonna fuck around with mi amor, ill kick your teeth in if you so dare insult my mi amor on my watch

kill yourself, tranny

seems legit

Mi amor UwU

Me too

amor mi


que guay hermano

another mi amor, sup dude
having fun mi amor?

Preferio hablar ingles.

Como estas mi amore uwu

hitting the hay mi amor have a gud nite

Mi amor :3

Tico joto


Amor mi

Mano cade o pastel da feira

eles falam espanhol seu burro


e l e s f a l a m e s p a n h o l
seu burro

eles quem porra?

Goodnight user

No, not you

os fodendo ticos kra


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