Will East Asia ever have a unified writing system?

Will East Asia ever have a unified writing system?

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It's not necessary so we're understanding what they say each other.

No. That would make Asia too powerful. 3 of the biggest economies doing business too easily.

I can see Japan and China harmonising their characters sets, but that's it. Doubt Koreans will ever go back to Hanja, albeit there is a slight possibility considering that it wouldn't be that hard with computers.
Viet Nam has been a lost case for centuries already.

Can't you just switch to Latin alphabet? Some shit with Russia.

when will u go back to aztec writing system

Yes, look up at Mongolia.

Ain't easy to learn. Also, it's shit. Maya people use Latin alphabet.

Go back to Jawi script

they will under China

looking at vietnam and polish scripts with all of those disgusting worms above the letters i think they better stick with what they have

Mongolia is Central Asia culturally

wish they would change it just like india

I get you. It looks disgusting.

Javanese is hard as fuck. But not hard if you can read Khmer or Tamil


Anyway cyrillic is the only answer.

It already does it's called Classical Chinese.

having a different writing systems doesnt give you identity or anything like that
take the west as an example
most use latin writing system (very few variants in some letters) and are nothing alike from each other


Japan is too proud to fully switch to Chinese and Korea is too dead set on their own cultural identity to switch back.

*too dead set on their American cultural identity to switch back.

This looks like it’d take forever to write on paper. Thank God I know English

or we can all continue using English

how easy is it for an english teacher to get prime azn pussy if he were, to say, lecture at a prestigious university like Tokyo U or Tsinghua college?

>prestigious university
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>when will u go back to aztec writing system
Mexico is/was linguistically way more diverse than just Aztec speakers.
That said the Aztec writing system was a rather convoluted mix of a ideographic+syllabic+alphabetic writing system, a bit like if Japanese ditched the kanas and used the kanji also for phonetic stuff. It isn't really practical unless you tweak it badly.

>having a different writing systems doesnt give you identity or anything like that
Actually it does, as shown by your other sentence:
>take the west as an example
"Latin alphabet = West".

It is possible for Japan to adopt the Roman characters? I'm asking unironically, I'm not at all versed on Japanese writting.

Very impossible
It's literally harder to read

Possible but improbable.

There's no barrier preventing usage of whatever writing system with whatever language you want, and there are already plenty romanization systems for Japanese. However:
1. There are cultural and monetary costs of switch, such as losing access to older works made in the language.
2. Writing is directly tied to the identity of a linguistic community, so there's always a huge resistance against changes.
3. Plenty tech developments made the writing system a trivial issue, for both reading and writing.

So, basically. The same reason Anglos keep butchering the Latin alphabet.

I find it quite strange that Japanese is so close to our Latin languages (or, at least, Brazilian Portuguese) pronounce-wise, nothing at all like Chinese, for example, which is impossible to differentiate sounds without a very trained ear.