based edition

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Anime and FOY

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*teleports behind you*


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the gf

she goes to another school

I’ve just now realized that Australians are the most based anglos
Why you may ask?
They’re the only ones who came to Yas Forums and weren’t such pathetic self centered faggots that they felt the need to make a general about themselves
/brit/, /can/
America is double fag because they made /cum/ and /dixie/

the "g"f

going to go on a drive (alone) haha

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aha yeah

fat nazi body


lad are you a plumber? I have a question.

got a nonce on the hooks

oh my days its the DOOMER GIRL!!!

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it's the 'i take 10,000 cocks in my snatch every week' girl


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it's the "i want to fuck my sister" emmett

>tfw studying to become a nurse
>instead of being a based suit and fedora wearing 50’s adult I have to wear Scrubs
worst thing about it

Step 1:

Step 2:

'is thottery unavoidable, and tis it universal' he pondered ponderingly

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Posting pictures of cats and thinking its funny is peak virgin humor. Grow up you arent 15

based or cringe?

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Dont talk about my mate like that or you’ll catch a bottle around the back of your head

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>is thottery unavoidable
absolutely. just make it unfortunate to be a thot and no one will be a thot
men are hedonists, and as such, encourage women to be hedonists, and women obey, and then men blame women for it

new look em?


>In 2003, a coalition led by the United States invaded Iraq to depose Saddam, in which U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair erroneously accused him of possessing weapons of mass destruction and having ties to al-Qaeda.
Why aren't they in jail?

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Shahars paying rent now ?

Emmett growing a unibrow to look more like his Slavic ancestors.

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>women have no agency it's men's fault

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Emmett wears:
>Black leather military hat
>Black jeans
>Black suspenders
>Black combat boots
>Black ray-ban sunglasses
>No shirt
>No underwear

not funny show some fucking respect

child rapists control the planet

Dunno. Why are you posting pictures of a cartoon dog?

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yeah what is it

might lie in bed on the ipad, wank, but NOT sleep, and arise at approximately 0830 - 0900

Looks funny doesn't it, little shiba fella.

then why is raping children illegal


Well boys
Having a coffee

Does though.

ah yes
people in power want what's best for everybody
cannot fathom any other situation

Thinking about all of the sexy and attractive women all over the world that are farting right now.

No. Random pics of animals aren’t that funny.

I had to change a washer on my kitchen tap this morning, so I went outside to turn off the water. There's two taps outside, and the first one I turned off was the wrong, as in it's not the main line, at least I assume. Now since I've turned it back on it's leaking. No idea what the fuck this tap is, it's connected to a metal pipe that is undergound, and just appears above ground in a u-shape with the tap on top.

Thinking about all of the sexy and attractive women all over america that are sharting right now.

Ah but it really is though.

gonna break ranks and agree with the yank here

Women are all socially retarded and have no idea how to start a conversation because they’ve never been expected to

That’s why bumble was a bad idea

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ugh i missed the new one

i got banned from menslib from saying trans men or whichever werent real mean

i mean
they're not blind yeah?

that's trans men, or trans women
like a 3rd gender

You can't give me gravy and tell me it's jelly Cause gravy ain't sweet

like they must know this right

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someone called me a "based black nigger" here earlier lads
anyone know what he meant?

Imagine the smell.

absolutely nothing wrong with saying hi to start a genuine conversation

The highest gentleman does not fight
The lesser gentleman loves to fight
Highest virtue is free from virtue
Lesser virtue clings to virtue

alright your quote is $1800

didn't ask

black bastard

are you saying that being allowed to rape children would be what's best for everybody?


well, whatever the term was back then


yeah thanks smart arse

asio pls go


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This pic reminds me of this video

Menslib is more on the soy side

i will bear thee away to the houses of lamentation beyond all darkness where thy flesh shall be devoured and thy shrivelled mind be left naked to the lidless eye

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every time i see a mother and her child i think that she is a slut because if she has a child then it means she isn't a virgin

Just watched 90 min of Lara Croft getting fucked by a horse ama me anything

top o' the morning