Are children racist in your country?

Are children racist in your country?

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Nope, they love BBC

bro too far


Cringefaggot, wait until Euro hours to post p├Ždo shit with them to

Yes, the child knows the truth before it can be brainwashed


Oftentimes yes. My mother tells me that the first time I saw a Black man, I asked "mommy why is he so dark and ugly?'

kill yourselves racist nazis

A nephew, he is 3, calls negros dogs, because only dogs are black in his world as he explained to his mom lmao

mutts law

Based. They grow up so fast

This the natural friend-enemy distinction is innate and it is only later subverted unwittingly through social conditioning and shame tactics. Those in control pretend that it's inverted, that we are born prejudice-free and later adopt it as a means to discriminate, but this is obviously nonsense.

It's funny when people say "kids don't see race" lol kids are racist as fuck regardless of background they are just not mature enough to hide it yet

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Imagine that mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yes, Indio or negro were common insults before we had haitian refugees

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>buying nigger dolls for your kids
Why are Americans like this?

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Yes, I remember calling someone's mom African ooga booga is a common insult among my generation when i was an elementary school kid

Go fuck yourself ausfreak

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MLP is a kids show though, what's wrong?

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Canadian autism

why do I see this fucking image so much

how the fuck do you even manage to find every single fucking image with mlp even when the cropped version is contextless

Most likely he actively searches for Aussie posts with images, consults his folder of MLP pictures and finds the original

what amazes me is that he recently pointed out a GIF (pic related) that changes into someone's pony avatar after a long time

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I'd like to slice your fucking face off

And before you fags start implying,
it's a gif, and if you load it and wait long enough, it turns into Fagmark's pickle pony avatar.
Or if you open the gif in Photoshop, GIMP, Preview, EZGif, etc. it can show both frames immediately.

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love you bro, keep it up

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based pickle Twilight poster

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Slice your throat open


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Circumcised Jewish muttering

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just relax m8