Thank the country above for something

Thank the country above for something.

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Vladimir Lenin

Thank you Russia for Tokamaks, world leading literature, and for being a country full of people with Fetal alcohol syndrome




tame impala

thanks for tacos

Thank you for your service


Thank you for your comments in Yas Forums, they always make me laugh

Thank you for being retards and killing amerimutts while driving drunk

Not being rude

thanks for corona

my gf

Thanks for BBC

thanks for the great food

ty for the weather girl

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thanks for aids

Flight of the Concords

Thanks for the aids

Thanks for Dostoevsky
Thank for Novos Baianos
Thanks for Lou Reed
Thanks for alfajor
Thanks for marsupials
Thanks for Tevez
Thanks for Mumin
Thanks for Joni Mitchell
Thanks for nachos
Thanks for those guys who sing together in weddings and shit

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Thanks for being awesome

ty for Shrek &

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Thank you for kiwis

Thanks for your countryname that mean "Fucking faggot" in russian.


Thanks for the mafia thing

thank you for the 7-1

Thank you for 2 copas Américas

thank you for almost sounding like chili

Thanks for Ikea