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Drugs Liberation edition



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2 da moon

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I like Reddit

>he thinks a regular loli doujin is fucked up

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nth for good, clean funposting

>Wuhan was the fentanyl capital of the world — the manufacturing hub of chemicals needed to make powerful synthetic opioids. Then coronavirus hit.

this is so sad :(

housesitting for my parents and reviewed my 2006 yearbook

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Well why don't you fucking marry it then

urkel wanks to rape and lolis been beaten

drug addict smoothbrains get fucked

not great times im guessing

last thread had 59 posters

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not really

My drugs!

someone dumpsterdivin ouchea

doubt it

don't mind me, fellow cumrades

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are you WOKE, cum?

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Half of the parts in my computer were fished out of a dumpster.


be nice /cum/

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just a reminder of how old i am and how much i've failed if the high point of my life was in fucking high school

I just got back from my run and you're all a bunch of cuties

Your thoughts on this?

Damn bro 2006 was way back. Don't waste any more time.

I can play nice.
What is the "Midnight Gospel" about?

This. I'm not racist, I just hate anyone that doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes

I want to do this to an anime loli

You're pretty darn cute, too.

bro i can't just snap my brain into having discipline
the past 10 years have been of laziness

force it bro
Get your shit together.

maybe i would've if this conversation was at 10am
but it's 10pm and it's almost bedtime

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many jews try to feign being self hating, anti-zionists, as if they are with the rest of us,
but at the end of the day, they still go back to their family mansions and do secret dealings leading to self enrichment

adam neumann is a prime example
he was raised on the kibbutz but then became a billionaire and didn't share a penny he wasn't made to

I don't like MUSLIMS either but at least they chill out once they commit apostasy.

What about blonde hair and green eyes?

try and accomplish something before heading to bed. Clean your email inbox or something.
Start the day with a victory too. Get some exercise and clean up your place. Small victories man, if you can't take on the big stuff at first start with the small stuff.

I’m glad more moms are getting arrested. It’s progress. But until we criminalize putting me in time out, making me eat veggies, and being a total bitch, nothing will change

Is the North Korean leader dead?

>30 year old and posting frogs

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I've been hearing that too.
Afaik, it's still just a rumor

How many best korean doctors are getting the rope if kim jong un dies?

reminds me of:

it's about drugs and their uses. very good show..

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i just don't give a fuck about the lesser tasks
i can make my bed, and i vacuum my place, but i feel nothing; i just do it because dust clumps are gross
i feel NOTHING when accomplishing something (this includes random shit like beating dark souls bosses, which i've read fill people with some amount of joy)

but my dream tasks make me feel anxious, like for some reason doing the basic things, ie. learning, give me anxiety
for instance, people consider certain tasks meditative, like gardening, or painting, or coding; but all i imagine is the insane initial work of figuring out what to do
it's hard to enjoy painting when you're a newbie, because you know there's at least 1000 hours ahead of you before you produce something YOU actually enjoy
at least i think that's my thought process--can't be sure, of course.

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