Why are chinks so fragile?


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>Opens a thread with a Twitter link
Shit thread

It's really funny to see everytime when Japs ever think themselves can be apart from Chinese by normal westerners

t. joseonjok

Cope See-Yeoung

To the rest of the world you all are the same, stop sucking up to white people becuse I can assure you the are making just as many jokes about japanese/korean people as they are chinese people

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Ay least she was right about the skin tone

Damn, what a butterface

Japs are very hygienic, have an unique bathing culture and even do things like wrapping their veggies in plastic, which is excessive.
Chinks pay Africans to poach endangered animals so they can make pills from keratin, thinking it will make their dicks harder. And then they kill more exotic and endangered animals and sell them in wild meat markets that are so unhygienic that they managed to produce a global pandemic.


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Nobody enjoys being publicly humiliated.

>Japs ever think themselves can be apart from Chinese by normal westerners
but they are


Kim btfo.

I'm surprised that someone spent so much time
for making an anime just to provoke Chinese on internet.

She's got a great ass though

>completely ass blasted in the comments
do people really?
they actually call for violence
fucking grow up

seeing nothing wrong with that
not that funny though he probb just made this to go viral

I am literally Chinese and I can tell you that even Chinese/Japanese have trouble telling each other apart unless we speak...
Koreans however are easy to tell apart cause you guys have a flat pancake like shaped face

Funny isn't it, je suis Charlie lmao.

dude you are delusional no one can tell any of you apart lol

when people think of robots or stuff like this they imagine japan
when people think of eating dogs they think of china
sorry but this is the truth

Only Jomon.

uh oh....... janny is gonna freak...

FACT: The Japanese gene pool has the least Han Chinese effect (Hg: O2) in Asia


Frequencies of O2
- Bhutanese 74%
- Han Chinese 68%
- Filipinos 62%
- Malaysian 55%
- Tibetan 48%
- Manchus 45%
- Vietnamese 44%
- Korean 42%
- Thai (Siamese) 40%
- Indonesian 25%
- Mongolian 22%
- Japanese 16%

that was the point of my post dumb mutt

FACT2: The Japanese gene pool has the least Mongol/Tungus effect (Hg: C2) in Asia


Frequencies of C2:
- Oroqen 61%-91%
- Evenks 44%-71%
- Ulchi 69%
- Nivkhs 38%-71%
- Kazakhs 33%-60.7%
- Buryats 7%-84%
- Mongolians 23.7%-54%
- Koryaks 33%-48%
- Manchu 30% (8.3%-51.8%)
- North Korean 23% (19%-27%)
- Uzbeks 20%
- South Korean 16% (11.6%-21%),
- Northern Han 14.7% (4.3%-29.6%)
- Ainu 12.5%-25%
- Crimean Tatars 9%
- Uyghurs 8.27%
- Vietnamese 7.6% (4.3%-12.5%)
- Tajiks (Afghanistan) 7.6% (3.6%-9.2%)
- Southern Han 7.1% (0%-23.5%)
- Japanese 5.9% (0%-7.8%)

Japanese are Jomonic people.
Koreans are mostly Han Chinese.

making out with bat was funny

rest was pointless

what nation does this cunny belong?

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>74% Han
>Manage to be more based and redpilled than any of the Asians


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sure thing chang keep seething

we're really not though, also go back to whatever middle eastern shithole you came from

han identity isnt even an ethnicity its mainly the culture

but muhammad said that if you blast yourself to pieces to kill the kuffar you'll be awaited by 72 cunnies in heaven?

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The most quintessential Jap looks like any other chink. Post face and we will decide if you actually look any different.

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What? ching chong? Sorry I don't understand an insect language. Speak human, you Unit-731 experimental deformed chink corona?

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