Tfw christianity in the west survives through americans

>tfw christianity in the west survives through americans

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Which is why churches are ghost zones

Your meme protestants are not christians

Eastearn and Southern Europe are still pretty religious still actually. Also Ireland although the Anglo taint will soon consume it

Not where I live desu. They're all pretty young too.


>They're all pretty young too.


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>Eastearn and Southern Europe are still pretty religious still actually.
oh no no no no no no

Surely you’re including Latin Americans? You can’t possibly believe US Americans are more religious than Latin Americans.

Yeah, usually early 20's or high schoolers. Of course we do have old people as well and those special needs guys churches sometimes have sitting in front. Mainly white but we also get some Korean students here too apparently

What are:
mormons, evangelists, adventists, and 200 more fake churches to squeeze out poor people's dimes? all created in amerikkka to get rich lmao


When will you accept Christianity is dying and will eventually be completely dead?

What does that have to do with the fact that Latin American countries are more religious on average?

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Yes, objectively. Except for the Czechs for some reason. Also in pretty sure Italy is the most religious country in Europe

>less than 1%
why must we be this way

It's dying over here, nonbelievers are the fastest growing demographic in the US.

>tfw american brainrot came to africa ages ago
>tfw have to watch my mother every sunday voluntarily give her money to conartists

Fuck amerikkka

Notice the most civilized north American country is not religious

Friendly reminder that Jesus literally believed the apocalypse would happen within his lifetime

what? brazil is still mostly catholic
East Europe was atheist until a few years ago. I think it's only the poles that larp as christians

>Massive revival of Christianity in Eastearn Europe after the Revolutions of 89
Because in case you forgot the state religion of the Soviet Union was militaristic atheism and the religious were persecuted
>Massive amounts of growth in Africa (which you probably won't count because lol niggers or something)
>Billions of practitioners in constantly growing global population

Like dude, nah.

I'm Christian and I don't give a darn about Muricans

Sweden is not a civilized country

Religion is dead in white people.

friendly reminder that He's still alive

Only the Eastern Orthodox are true Christians

If he never died then he never died for your sins
>Lol what the fuck does that mean


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After the Revolutions of 89 there was a massive religious revival after the fall of communism that still endures to this day.

Also I don't know why people assume that if your country is only half religious it means religion is dying. A lot of people only follow their beliefs in a very shallow manner , that was as true now as it it has been for thousands of years. The fact that they can admit that and just claim to be agnostic or even atheistic openly just kind of reveals that fact.

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No one is a true Christian because no one is truly Christian, it's just people lying to others about believing and then continuing this chain of deception

Religion dying is good, nothing to do with morality or social decisions, that's decided by the populace.