Your country

>your country
>country's greatest achievement

pic related

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i agree, faking something of that magnitude tells a lot about american ingenuity.


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you again.. science denier

How can you even compete with our BBR?

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doesn't check out

idk what is Brazil's biggest achievemen

Electing the world's first mentally handicapped individual as the head of state.



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i judge countries by their morals and way of life, not their material power and gains.


The ultimate drone. This is our greatest archievement.

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>it cant land itself
You'll get there one day

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>i judge countries by their morals and way of life, not their material power and gains.

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Disappointing shitpost

Do Americans honestly think that the moon landing was an American achievement and not a collaborative international scientific achievement?


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if it was a collaborative international scientific achievement why hasnt any other country done it, cuck?

I don't see your cuckstamped flag there

Kill yourselves.

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A working prototype of a nuclear sub.
Though it's gonna take at least a decade for it to actually be built and set sail.

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if america really landed on the moon why cant you see the flag with a telescope

dont you guys have some of the most advanced nuclear reactors in the world?

Idk, maybe.
It the last years the Navy has been building more and more "reactors" to enrich uranium.

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Bruh are you guys going to get nukes

Nope, we could, but nope.


somehow becoming worse than haiti

Hollywood is the greatest thing ever created by mutts yes.

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