See Japanese flag

>see Japanese flag
>it's not a real Japanese person, just an American

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>See Portuguese flag
>It's a real portuguese

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i love it when they pathetically try to produce broken english while posting politically charged nonsense. One was even an admitted Chinese-American

Do americans really? How could you tell?

I am a Super English Teacher

>actually believing japs can speak english
who was he fooling

>see american flag
>its not a native american posting from his teepee

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ok but how the FUCK do you have internet?

Do you love Japan?

How are you?
I'm fine thank you

My chlamidya was cured
It was like a magic!

Ameribro, which proxy do you use?

I'm a real expat

Das rite

It's always someone who looks like this and is a JET. Makes 30k max and lives in a shed-like house.

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Related to the president

There is something behind all this that is inconsistent.
If you are an actual expat, and therefore you have a high proficient english... Why I've never seen an anonjin who speaks english perfectly?

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How many of you in Yas Forums?

the fuck I know, how many foreigners who work in Japan waste their precious time shitposting on Yas Forums as opposed to some NEET Nip who has nothing better to do. I'm only here because of corona.

I can't take Jap posters seriously

I assume every single East Asia flag is some kind of sexpat or English teacher (aka total failure). The worse their English the more I know they are trying to LARP.

I'm military, not some loser English teacher.

>travel a lot for work
>have been targeted with insults for 5 different flags I've posted under
Apparently I'm just ruining the reputation of every country I stay in.

Yeah Engrish teacher Japanese LARPers are nearly as bad as Discord trannies and Reddit tourists and that's saying something

Arguably even worse

Why does every Japanese flag poster seem obsessed with hentai and Chinese massacres?

domo arigato mista roboto

American military dogs need to be butchered the moment they are caught off base.

>American military dogs need to be butchered the moment they are caught off base.

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LOL even worse

This is true on Yas Forums but jap flags on /isn’t/ are real japs

>real japs
if you're really Japanese then vocaroo yourself saying something cute in Japanese