business major edition

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In the past, I've literally had flare ups of what I can only describe as temporary acute psychosis. I was seeing shadow people, thinking that people were moving files around on my computer, hearing noises and feeling like I was drugged. This place CAN and IS DESIGNED by glowniggers to drive you crazy. The feds are bored af waiting for happenings, just like you. They prod the bull to see if they can get another Ted to gun down and play superhero.

the tune


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Better than EE


runged at approx 1600, runged again at 2200 and might go runging again this morning once light falls upon ground

why do you need a general? who do you think you are ?

I think i’m whiter than you Schlomo

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so fucking iconic



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They think they are /brit/

Business > Electrical Engineering

what race are we then

mad how he managed to get all the way up there

what do you post about in brit?

big black cocks

actually fuck off

Country abortions per 1000 women
Russia 53.7
Vietnam 35.2
Kazakhstan 35
Estonia 33.3
Belarus 31.7
Romania 27.8
Ukraine 27.5
Latvia 27.3
Cuba 24.8
China 24.2
Hungary 23.4
Mongolia 21.7
Seychelles 21.6
Bulgaria 21.3
United States 20.8
Sweden 20.2
New Zealand 19.7
Australia 19.7
Georgia 19.1
United Kingdom 17
France 16.9
Dominican Republic 16
Kyrgyzstan 15.8
Slovenia 15.2
Norway 15.2
Canada 15.2
Denmark 14.3
Iceland 14.1
Armenia 13.9
Lithuania 13.9
Israel 13.9
Tajikistan 12.6
Singapore 12.6
Japan 12.3
Czech Republic 12.2
Slovakia 11.7
Finland 11.1
Bahrain 11
Italy 10.6
Netherlands 10.4
Albania 9.6
Azerbaijan 9
Tunisia 8.6
Spain 8.3
Uzbekistan 7.8
Germany 7.8
Belgium 7.5
Switzerland 7.3
Croatia 5.7
Greece 5
South Africa 4.5
India 3.1
Austria 1.3
Qatar 1.2
Portugal 0.2
Mexico 0.1
Brazil 0
Poland 0
Panama 0

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fucking finally a category where we’re just in the middle like a normal country instead of being at the very top or very bottom like we are in fucking everything

Tinder in Okinawa is the most dire thing I’ve ever seen

The military and those attracted to them are the most disgusting people on the planet lol

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your mum

>Once I go

She's still waiting on the black dingus. Why can't she find it?

>top third

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tear jerker from rafa

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me and the missus


my great grandmother is Scottish
therefore I am more british than all of you

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Imagine the smell.

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reckon they should take athletes out the back and shoot them the minute they pass their peak

box office


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this report is very sad

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