So what type of girls do you usually attract in ur cunt?

So what type of girls do you usually attract in ur cunt?

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The ones that have titties and asses

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brown hair light eyes and glasses are pretty common for me but my gf looks nothing like it
i get told I look italian


All of them.

The girl I would like

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unironically art hoes, "alternative" girls and nerdy ones, not gonna lie i like how they fuck

the girl that end ups messaging me on Facebook

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Almost exclusively Asians and overweight Goth Grills

brasilian and angolan girls for some reason

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Asians or white girls in there 20s art phase.


Drunk ones who are coming home alone from a night out.

I am a security guard at a 24/7 convenience store that's nearby student apartments, on weekends I get a bunch of drunk people on their way home from partying.

Every month at least without fail some random thirsty chick will come on to me hard, usually not the prettiest ones I'll admit but still pretty nice usually.

It's too bad that my shift ends at 8 in the morning,long after they've gone home and passed out, I'm often very tempted to go with them but I'd lose my job obviously.

Enlightened and progressive, 'intelligent; westerners objectifying and salivating over women, what a surprise. Repent and find spiritual fulfillment outside a female's bottom

lol none. I feel invisible when out at the pub or whatever.

>Drunk ones who are coming home alone from a night out.
is that normal there?

here if a girl is drunk and alone at night she will get raped and murdered by a nigger

actually there was a girl who was out with friends and walked out to a car she thought was her uber to take her home and it was actually a random nigger. she got in and the guy drove off and she was never seen again

Yes it's normal. Iceland is a safe place.

Im a NEET virgin but but back in highschool
I used to attract wetback mexican girls
introverted white girls & black girls

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I don't want latinas.

Are you 16 and going thru a Yas Forums phase rofl? People in every state go out for drinks, and sometimes they don't score and come home alone.

You will learn this when you turn 21.

Still looks cute, don't be a crybaby


Ones that look at me like this.

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Leftists, Latinas, and "woke" girls, for the most part. Now that I'm older, I'm also attracting girls with daddy issues.