What percentage of them are genuinely Japanese vs proxy users, military personnel, English teachers...

What percentage of them are genuinely Japanese vs proxy users, military personnel, English teachers, or other miscellaneous gaijin?

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0%. It's only proxies and JETs spamming here with shit. I do believe there's genuine Koreans posting on int though

Plenty of them are military personnel, like a high amount of them
Last night a Korean admitted being from NC

The majority are these. No other ethicity are autistic enough to spam WWII nankin massacre photos and stress how they aren't related to gooks

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japanese people do have image boards in their mother tongue
japanese people don't speak english
do you really believe a real japanese that is fluent enough to bant inhere would waste his precious time with degenerate monolinguists like yourself stupid amerimutt ?

1% is legit
rest are english teachers faking bad english because they like to think people think they are japanese

There are some, if they write in broken or bizarre english they're usually legit.

90% are cringy weebs with a proxy

I would bet that half are English teachers/foreigners. You know if it’s a genuine Japanese person in the way they type

This, Japs have the most shit English out of any given country.

Ching chong detector ACTIVATED!

Ching chong ching chong LMAO

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Very few Japanese people speak good enough English to be able to post here
Every Jap flag is most likely a scum of the earth English teacher loser
t. Chinese tourist in Japan

Asians type in such a strange way on this board, if they're all native English speakers then it's really weird how they've perfected this disarming style of humor

>what is board culture?

It is weebs rping as Japanese. Literally doing the same thing online here as they are IRL in Japan. Just ignore Japanese posts.

But it's so different and funnier than like anything else here by a mile

Why don't you fuck off to /jp/? If your 16, into anime and have spent 2 days on this website then yeah it might be very funny.

i was actually very surprised at how little english nips know, do they not teach it out of resentment for the US occupation ?
i legit think dumb mizrahim here have better english than nips and that's saying something

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too hard for the japanesu

0%. I genuinely believe the only authentic Japanese person in this entire site is that one autistic netouyo who derails thread with the fuckton of images blaming Koreans and the Chinese for literally anything that goes wrong.

english is a pretty easy language to learn all things considered , if they can learn nipspeak i dont think english is such a challenge (ofc first language is different but still)

It depends on where you are coming from. English is not easy at all for East Asians, the entire language family of Indo-European is very strange and different compared to Sino-Tibetan languages. Even Afro-Asiatic languages pale in difference.

For a nip, learning English is as hard as it is for an English-speaker to learn Japanese.

shut up gook

and affiliate bloggers who make bait threads and translate our comments and repost them on their blogs for japanese people

fukk all-nationz.com

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Take a look elsewhere. Japs never interact with the anglophone web, maybe they lurk at best.
>You know if it’s a genuine Japanese person in the way they type
I don't exclude larping


What do you call a Japanese penis?


The Japanese can't speak english. This board is full of weebs.

Netouyo are based, they are fighting for the betterment of the world

Not many, the only legit ones here are the gook bloggers who steal posts and put it on their blog, 2ch is more like reddit in terms on netiqutte so there are japanese subs on reddit because some don't like the administration or the ui of 2ch.


>What percentage of them are genuinely Japanese
less than 5%

kind and respectful ones: actual Japanese
offensive ones: fake Japanese


Why chinese so much better at English than japs? You both have moonrunes as your native language.

Chinese have to learn English to survive and have a good life in Canada

which are you

the former :)