1. Cunt

1. Cunt
2. At what age did you start noticing that you have feelings for other boys?


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since children basically

US of A

when I was 14 me and a soccer teammate I was sharing a hotel room with got a little tipsy off something we found in the mini-bar and made sweet gay love

the imam's gonna freak

never I'm not a homo, but I do feel a certain kind of way when I see a pic like this that makes me a bit confused. Let me reiterate I am not a homo I am a straight man attracted to women

12 or so, continued on until I finally really came to terms with it last year

since forever
i remember being 7 or 8 and going with my dad to visit his friend who owned a video rental store and went into the porn aisle and jacked off to the gay porn box art

my gay friend declared his love for me, but unfortunately for him I am straight and rejected him, we're still friends tho

t. faggot


You jacked off at the age of 7?

I'm jealous

Fuck you asshole didn't you read anything I said? I'm straight not a homo

My least concerns
I don't know man but it seems pretty gay to me. Just accept who you are nobodys judging.

yeah sometimes i would use my mom's back massager against my dick and orgasm but no ejaculate would come out

I dont have aids, sorry.

Not gay bro like I said I just feel a bit confused at pictures like in the op doesn't mean I'm a homo ok?


It does though, bro.

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Around 13

No bro I am straight fuck you
Who's this btw

Don't fight it.

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I'm not fighting anything dumbass I am perfectly straight
Seriously though who is this guy you're posting

What’s it like being gay in Jordan? Really interested...

Nobody is going to judge you.
Come out little birdie

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somewhere around 13

The baljeeki athiest is literally a faggot, your family should've thrown off the roof long ago.

>The baljeeki athiest is literally a faggot, your family should've thrown off the roof long ago.

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Come out? No need to because I'm NOT in the closet bro.
For real though who is this guy tho

Feelings? Never
Wanted to be buttfucked by them? Since I was 14

Honey we all accept you for who you are, step out and don't be afraid

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Why muzlims are so gay ?

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Well, I’m interested in you, personally

I'd tell you to kys but you can still be redeemed, only Allah forgives , you can revert to Islam and make yourself and your family happy.


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God damnit bro, what do I need to do for you to tell me the sauce on this dude? Also I am straight, would a gay man say he loves vagina?

so this is why you were crying about being born in the middle east

Not like that! I mean with family and stuff

A bi one might

>what do I need to do for you to tell me the sauce on this dude?
You could start by coming out and stop being a pussy.
They don't accept it, so I started living alone

i started crossdressing at 12 and I accepted my faggotry at 19

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