Did the president of America really suggest shining lights inside the body to kill Coronavirus?

Did the president of America really suggest shining lights inside the body to kill Coronavirus?

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He said to inject yourself with antiseptic or some retard shit.

Isn't that retarded?

he also suggested to inhale bleach to disinfect the lungs

Just pretending

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He was being sarcastic and all you gullible idiots fell for it...again

He was joking while mocking democrats at the same time, of course the left doesn't understand sarcastic humor and take everything at face value

he was just pretending to be retarded

He suggested using the light of the Land of the Rising Sun
I'm coming japan, coming to make you my new home

no no, it was j...just a joke b...bro
t...t...t...the media™ took it out of context!

>one of his supporters died drinking whatever chemical he was shilling last week

Let's hope more of them start doing that

Why is it then that even conservatives don't know that he is pretending until after he says so?
It's almost as if no-one can take him seriously

Kill yourself you fucking retarded mongoloid JK LOL

t. gullible rube


righties drink chemicals, lefties eat tide pods

perfect balance

Fuck off and drink bleach

Don't knock it till you try it

Yes and this latest Trump meme of leading the world in COVID deaths isn’t as fun as the other ones

cope your boy in the white house is a fucking retard

t. gullible rubes

No he was not. Watch the fucking clip. My boy Donald is an actual retard.

>Drinking bleach to own the libs

Nah nah, I'm not an early adopter thanks. I'll wait for other people to try it and see how it works out thanks.


keep seething, gullible rube. you totally aren't owned right now. lol

You can't just name call instead of defending your retarded position and expect people to take you seriously

Hey I heard Trump wrote the word gullible on your ceiling might want to go check it out.

Not sure about the light thing but the diainfectant thing was said sarcastically

UK: Clinical trials for vaccination using spike protein genes
Germany: Pre-clinical development of mRNA based vaccine
Canada: Recovered patient derived plasma infusions
Australia: AGVH treatment to prevent deadly cytokine storm in critical patients
USA: I don't know, just slam a syringe of Lysol while laying in a tanning bed I guess

lol you really thought you could pass off USA's studies as Canadas?

Canada couldn't into science if it tried.

What he actually said is much more underwhelming, but yeah, I get the feeling he's bored of these repetitive briefings and was scraping the bottom of the barrel just to have something to say. Just another thing where he's doing what the average person is feeling, the average person is bored of this situation and of being inside, this is how what charm he does have actually functions.

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I'm sure that piece of paper will cure the coronavirus more than the actual processes.