Mexico should get all of this back

Mexico should get all of this back.

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Sounds like a deal to me, but only if they also take all the other States that don't border at least one GREAT LAKE

it's just like my victoria 2 games :)

On my victoria games, Mexico owns a hard border on the Appalachia.

They Yas Forumstards always complain about all those states. I agree. They should give them back to us if they dislike them that much

Give Texas and Nevada to us and it would be good.

lmao its happening already dw about. White people have historically no place in the US

>He wants to be part of a nation that includes N*w Y*rk

Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador should unite to exterminate the rest of latin and anglo america for mestizo lebensraum

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Arizona Republic.
Entire country becomes Wild West amusement park.
.... ?

Cuba should get Florida too and all the other cities with Spanish names to Philippines and Ecuatorial Guinea

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No because Mestizos ruin everything they touch, I wish the flu would've finished all of u olmec cunts off


this *NEEDS* to happen


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No, because then the US won't be at driving distance to buy cheap shit.

we should migrate to SEAsia and become ruling class. This continent is already lost.

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He still looks fat despite being a gym bro, that fucking stomach hahahhaha

Mexico should go back to.being peasants to criollo.

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>ywn get to massage his stomach while choking on his dick

I can see a bit of areola. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODS!!!

You can have texas in exchange for florida

Aren't Mexicans already becoming the majority in that area anyway?

but you are too poor to afford the florida cities that actually have money

Florida is richer than Mexico tho

>the richest states are majority mexican ethnicity
that fact makes drump supporters go mad lmao

>the richest states are majority mexican ethnicity
that fact makes drump supporters go mad lmao

Not due to the Mexicans anymore than the cows and ox lowers gdp

Being in those "rich" areas is just a more advanced version of being poor where you pay 5x more to live with less than you would in some bumfuck nowhere country house. And you now quite well it's not the Chicanos that are living well in those states, they are the imported servant underclass that pampers the affluent.

they love it, more really cheap labor. you don't know shit and pretend you do know, but you know nothing

I don't care.
Take it, leave it.