Prove her wrong

Prove her wrong

You literally can't

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Living of neetbucks is a pathetic existence. Completely destroys your self-steem.

This. I feel like shit and my self-esteem is low

Is she the english lady with 8 black kids?

Not for women though. Women are married to the state so they’re happy to get free money while doing nothing.

How you holding up during corona-time, lil breh?

Like a neet without recreational drugs

denying it is just incel cope

Where do you buy stuff from? Not a junkie but cannot sleep so i want this conversation to last. Im a bit sleepy so if no reply = i sleeeo no offencle

Local shitkids. Will hit up the darkweb as soon as i figure out what came after silkroad.

this is why so-called traditional nuclear family is. Extended prostitution. No wonder why prostitution was so rampant in societies before sexual revolution.

Bullshit, benefits won't make you rich, um if you're worthless enough to think that receiving enough to pay the bills is the same as having a good life then you shouldn't even be alive.

No, she has exclusively spawned identical slags

I agree with her

no different from menial low-pay jobs, at that point you are just recognizing that you have failed in life

its pretty shit through

life has no greater meaning, if you are content then you have succeded.

This being a menial min wagecuck labourer is way more hard on your esteem than getting free money. Being humiliated by your rich exploitative boss and human resources is the worst.

She's indeed right
Only fools destroy their own life working
Yes, but menial jobs cause the same thing.

fuck off, retarded jew, back to your sewer hole to dig for pennies

it's still preferable to wage slavery. do you really think working a minimum wage job won't rape your self esteem.

>muh heckin' epic and based trad nuclear family

Prostitution was widespread in every single society after civilization before sexual revolution. Sorry for breaking your tradwaifu wheatfields.

>>muh heckin' epic and based trad nuclear family
do you prefer the ones that go through 3 divorces? you probably would, so you could get the most free gibs, instead of working for once in your life time.

just because it was present in all parts of the world, that doesn't mean it was the accepted norm almost everywhere. like how you would want it to be.

It was through lol
men give economic benefits to the women in exchange for sex, domestic work, and reproduction. Seems like prostitution.

You are happy receiving enough to pay for water, sewage and electrical bills? Lmao, sorry brother but that's the worst mentality a human could have, you're not living, you're surviving. You will never buy a mansion with neetbux or a super car, you need to work for that

I had a part time shit job cleaning the dishes in a restaurant. I made friends, bought a ps4 with my money and finaly felt something like being a real adult. I can't describe how good it is to have your own money. Work dignifies a person's life.

>men give economic benefits to the women in exchange for sex, domestic work, and reproduction. Seems like prostitution.
Seems like trade to me.

God, cleaning dishes. I would kill myself if I was forced to such kind of low labour
Work is slavery.

Not even just work but purpose. When I was in the military I was doing bullshit work making bullshit money, but I felt like I was working toward a goal and was a part of something. It's also very hard to get moving (on anything) when you're stagnant. When you're getting up and getting dressed everyday for a bullshit job, getting out of the house and doing stuff isn't a hard I find.

I have never been on the dole, but I dont have any childish dreams about cars or mansions making my life any better

manual work I mean

Prostitution is trade. Exchange of money/resources for sex.

Workers don't buy this stuff either, it's members of the upper class that do. You know, people that get their money from investments instead of wages

Lol no because most people back then lived in villages and you’d be damned to find a prostitute even in modern day villages. So in fact back then even at the height of the Roman Empire when many people lived in cities was prostitution less than it is today.

It's not that bad

Yes, prostitution is no different than any kind of menial work