Literally half of you faggots here and irl be like "I'm half x and half x"

literally half of you faggots here and irl be like "I'm half x and half x"
you will never know how it is to have only one homeland

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pay denbts

not our fault balkan niggers kill themselves to form 20km size ethno countries


im pure mexican

half dutch half moroccan
half swedish half somalian

and you will never be white

im 100% russian


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im 100% white while you're 100% mednigger, mednigger.

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>tfw these 2 look most like me

100% pure chosen one

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100% pure brazilian here

I am Roman.

Nice to meet you and I'm Ivan.

I am an American of Mexican descent

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What website is that?

I'm half black Honduran and half Anglo-Saxon I have two homelands.

Hello Ivan.

Hello Roman.

How are you today Ivan?

I only slept 4 hours so not that good. And how are you, Roman?

Why yes, I am half Redneck/Euromutt and half Finnish-American/Quebeois-American

How could you tell??

>I am half-Breton, half-Berrichon

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the only homeland that matters.


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I expected this thread to attract insecure Chicanos like flies to shit, and what do you know. Christ you fuckers are pathetic.

I'm good. Thank you for asking Ivan.

im half eurasian half baked

I am 2/3 west european and 1/3 south european.
I wish I was 100% south european

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Cope ā€œIā€™m part (23 random European countries)ā€ mutt