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I'm calling it a night lads.

*deletes your thread and goes to bed*

Alri de lads

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oi don't go there mate
an interest in modern history is a shagger's pursuit

>Page 7
Will he be merciful?

i recently had an idea for a buddy cop film set in ancient egypt

i mean being fair to trump...a national leader isn't supposed to be a medical professional
and taking the conversation out of context probably did more harm than letting it go

Thinking back to the days when men kicked balls

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Still shitting yourselves at the thought of the janny? last thread is on page 8

loved it when balls were kicked by men ngl

Girl I was crazy about and showed a lot of affection to ghosted me and a girl whom I didn't really fancy and felt uncomfortable kissing kept pursuing me
Mad that

High drunk and sipping on gin and juice lads

laid back

Literally just cannot be arsed dealing with other people.
Don't get any enjoyment out of it. Much easier to just be able to pop in and out of existence on the internet.

starting to get warm enough that I need to keep a window open at night to sleep

Ohhh David mcgoldrick

scared isn't the word lad
janny is seething, no more to be said



you're kidding

Yeah, you definitely won’t regret that on your deathbed lad

there is no janny. see the delete button at the bottom right of the page? I just click that every now and then for a laugh.


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don’t want to be getting sweaty in bed that’s horrible

the sign of a QUALITY documentary

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There doesn't seem to be any middle ground with christians. They seem to be either super well educated or as thick as pig shit. What does that mean.

Having a few close friends is peng

Lads what is a proper good pair of headphones that wont break the bank

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how warm is it over there at the moment?
mid autumn here so it's getting down to mid-teens at night, rugging up

Not really sure what to do about it. Will enjoy interacting with people sometimes but then at the flip of a switch will want nothing more than to be left the fuck alone for an indeterminable amount of time.

Yes I will blog on.

yeah it’s getting up to mid teens at night too

well the well educated ones are typically the 'moderate' middle ground you'e talking about
Church attendance in Australia is very low and people don't talk about personal beliefs as much as say Americans do but the majority of this country still identifies as Christian, they're not all happy clappers

it's roasting during the day


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Cheapest Skull Candy wired earbuds from the shop down the street

Just went to the shops, there are Australian flags and Union Jacks hanging everywhere on people's porches. Makes me want to role play as Loyalist living on Shankill Rd.

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mental acclimatisation and that

Sennheiser hd-25

unironically have been using only those for 8 years. Thought its time to move up

depends what u mean by break the bank
i use sennheiser 599s

You dont hVe to be a medical professional to know blasting people with UV and imbuing them with disinfectant to treat a virus is an utterly retarded notion,

Normally dont care for people nitpicking his every word but that its pretty indefensible. A world leader really can't be that stupid in this day and age

them sony ones for 20 quid. literally do everything you need

Ask /g/, they have two generals and a request template.

She doesn't look like a sue

>The Reassembler
doing a watch

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audio-technica m20x

>over £100 for headphones
fuck off


I gotta take a wicked shit

light a bonfire dangerously close to your neighbour's house and blow a whistle you have no idea how to play


like it bitter and cold me, that’s where my body is most comfortable. don’t even wear hoodies or any extra layers when I’m indoors in the winter, like to be just that slightly bit chilly.

anything over 24 degrees and I need to refocus all my bodies resources into regulating my temperature and surviving.

probably like £50-£80

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bongles the mind
under 24 is jacket weather ahahaha

so I take it you're going for a walk in walmart?

Anyone who owns a pair of headphones that cost more than these ones is a total permavirgin

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Also be an uneducated, boorish low class piece of human garbage still utterly assured of your own superiority

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It's essentially the same beliefs though. A radiologist and his child psychiatrist wife share the same belief system as a diabetic, trailer dwelling, televangelist donating, fatyank. Sure they may differ on minutiae, but the essential belief that there is a supernatural entity that watches over and judges us on whatever doctrine of morality you choose to believe as real, is the same.

are they good?

Not him but i would be dying if it wore antthing other than shorts and a light t shirt at 24. Would prefer a vest even


yeah but that difference on minutiae is what makes all the difference tbf

>there are Australian flags and Union Jacks hanging everywhere

What if he's a sound engineer or musician?

still a permavirge. they do literally everything any other pair does

Sennheiser Momentum 3.

don't know much about that price range, better off asking /g/ lad

painfully british

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interesting picture.. that man has even fire extinguisher there..

United Kingdom is a noun and Australian is an adjective, the quality of this single sentence is rock bottom and you expect me to watch the whole thing.

okay /brit/
go to a board you usually don't visit
and link us to something interesting from there


jesus christ, this the most blatant "my ancestor :)" post I've ever read

can only run the 'wow acclimatisation is mental' line so many times before it goes into the ground but I genuinely don't pull out the shorts until 40 degrees

seems like a cope to me

250 is the sweet spot for quality headphones

I have 3 pairs that probably cost more than twice the cost of this each lol

love songs me

t. never had a good pair of headphones

>yank hours
>very low yank presence

yes, I do

Downloaded animal crossing on the switch, hopefully the gf will play with me. it seems like a game birds can enjoy

I like that answer, that was nice. I need to think about that.
Anzac Day. No one can go to the marches so they're hanging flags on their porches.

yeah it's his workshop

reminder to these desperate JFs where you are posting