Hey, Yas Forums. My ex that I broke up with over a year ago for cheating on me came over 20 minutes ago to get her mail...

Hey, Yas Forums. My ex that I broke up with over a year ago for cheating on me came over 20 minutes ago to get her mail. I tried just giving her the mail and pointing out the last of her shit she left here, but then when I tried to talk I choked and just collapsed onto my bed. I was just crying to her in my bed and I couldn't talk because of how much I missed her. She let me hug her and just cry into her chest for like 10 minutes while brushing my hair. It's the best thing I've felt since I broke up with her. Since we last spoke she has started to do meth and speed and now she's been picking her face, I could tell when I saw her. She's doing speed or something with some guy with psychosis that she worked with. Not the guy she cheated on me with. She left that guy when I found out about it and she tried to kill herself. I don't know what I'm doing. I need a therapist. I fucking hate every single one of you and I hate society.
Does this happen in your country?

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damn bros that's fucking crazy i might even read it

You're a cuck

pls, PLS be in Florida

Nice blog fag

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dog bless

imagine crying over a methhead whore
at least the girl im crying over is a doctor and never cheated on me

Fuck you, other whites are complicit in it. All of my coworkers were keeping her cheating on me as a secret from me for months. I am a manager and a co-manager of mine basically decided to tell our most loud-mouthed employee that she cheated one me, so then loudmouth told everyone. Then it was awkward for a month as everyone knew and no one wanted to tell me until finally after a fucking month I was smoking with a buddy and he just dropped the bombshell while we were in the car. I've been in a delirium since. I hate my life and job. Just put everything on hold to get high and not think about how I was betrayed my coworkers, family (my sister also worked there and knew and didn't tell me), and betrayed by the only person I ever considered dating. I even got her pregnant and popped her cherry and almost married her. What the fuck? Why am I experiencing this shit? Why the fuck did I ever get into a relationship? This has been a non-stop terrible incoherent shitshow since it started and now I feel weaker than ever. What the fuck is the point of all this? Am I supposed to want to be with her? Am I not? Now that I'm on my own I'm realizing my dad never taught me worth a damned about any actual fucking relationship bullshit. Fuck white identity. The Jews won, I wish I was dead.

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just download tinder you freak

>complain about getting cheated on
>get recommended tinder
that's all I expected anyways
thanks, Yas Forums

Such a paragraph for a bait

Is this a copypasta? What a weakling

Maybe I'm actually just typing out what I'm thinking you retarded zoomer. The attention span plummeting in people born post 2004 is incredible. Maybe if you were around idk, maybe even 5 years ago, you'd know this used to be a website for more than just shitposting, soyjack posting, and racebaiting. There used to even be generals on Yas Forums that were semi-regular with actually useful shit instead of just people sharing their nudes.

What would you have done, user? Would you have stopped abusing your gf before she cheated? I know I would've. I deserve this and you don't know the first thing about it you fucking faggot.

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stop feeling sorry for yourself kid
millions have gotten cheaten on
at least you have the privilege of seeing your cheating ho of an ex turn into a degenerate drug addict and probably die from an overdosis
millions of betrayed men would love to be in your position yet youre crying about it

>she cheated now instead of while being married
>became addicted to meth on her own free will

It's painfully obvious that you were dating a mentally weak person and you dodged a bullet. Should you have married her, all her bullshit would be legally tied to you. Yet here you are spilling your faggotry on a mongolian basket weaving forum. Again, you are a fucking weakling.

Yeah, good point guys. I guess it's just because I still thought about her in a positive light when I forgot I was supposed to learn from society to hate those that betray you instead of reasoning as to why they may done it in the first place. Thanks, guys! You're golden! Stay kino

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imagine having human emotions and a need for intimacy
glad it its not me

What is there to reason? Serious question. She both cheated and went to do drugs. And if you find the answer to why she did it, will it cause a better outcome? Is she willing to learn from her mistakes? Does she even want your fucking help? Stop being a pussy.

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didnt read either kill yourself or get a new gf end of story faggot.

>Does this happen in your country?
not really
drop this low energy self-piety meme and get your shit together.


Dude you're a fucking pathetic cuck. I mean this unironically. Get your shit together.

No this doesn't happen in my country

get back together with her then if you want it so much

Women HATE weakness. It's over for you

there's already a /dixie/ thread

Lol kill yourself

Fine speech

Crying in front of the love ones are cringey and make them feel bad for you.

Love make you crazy, so sometimes you need to stop it all, without a moment of closeness for years, 1 year just doesnt cut it.

You should have hand her things and chase her away for your both good, you are not mentally stable at that moment.

Understandable but Weak.
Interesting story to me because i dont dislike human

You smoke in your car?

Because you are weak and trying to achieve so much in the way that was not supposed for you.
Thats life, bear with it. Everyone got betrayed by people they believe and love sometimes in life, not many whining