Spaniards, explain yourselves

Spaniards, explain yourselves.

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very based.

what a chad

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pedo, if i do that i'll be arrested

the visual definition of kino

What's the activity called that the 2 guys are doing?

Ping Pong

Racket Attack

rape is in their blood

Don't they get these kids from local tennis clubs? She's probably pretty happy to have been kissed by The King of Clay.

thought this was a joke until i saw the flag

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She is masturbating to it to this day




Would a Northern Euro share the same compassion?

disgusting pig

What's there to explain? Based move

I like how he checks up if she looks good before kissing her

literally nothing

she coomed


part of the global elite

fucking low iq gallego why are they so dumb bros

Was she hit by the ball or something? Why do they go check on her?


What are those?


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did she scream ouch? also why do they have little kids in the court?

Unbelievably based

imagine fucking her raw

God I wish I was her

oh god I wish that were me

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God I wish somebody would care about me.

She's going to fingerblast herself to this memory for years to come

ayo muh nibba that be the nfl fo sho

God she looks so happy afterwards.