Greek or nafri?

Greek or nafri?

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Tough one. I'm going with Nafri. Greeks don't have those noses.

>Nikos Moustakas
it's a greek

Dammit. I usually have a good eye for ethnicities.

Greek or nafri?

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Greek or nafri?

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Muslim chad or bald soy boy?

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Greek or nafri?

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100% identitarian

These don't really look like nafris.

that's Bulgarian


honestly. i dont care.. just be christian and stop demanding extra rights which cant be granted nor rights at all. also arabs and their massive stupidity inferior complexes..

german or nafri?

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Greek or nafri?

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1000% punjabi

greek or greek?

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> Why yes, I am a Greek BVLL, how could you tell?

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Greek or nafri?

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bald Todd looks like the guy from all the American pornos


was going to say egyptian but wtf

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All could pass

I’ve posted Greeks thus far.

Greek or Nafri?

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Sure you have. Look at these dutch"

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Nafri, the droopy eye shapes are dead giveaway

Portuguese or Indian?

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KEK more of the same

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po po poooo, you expert.


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