What happens here?

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I don't know much but apparently Portland is full of liberal weirdos and the more rural parts are pretty libertarian.

Bigfoot lives there, deep in the forest.

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libertarians are liberals

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Pretty much this: the west is hardcore liberal and the east hardcore libertarian. Some day they will probably kill each other


Gold. Have you played that old game The Oregon Trail? That's based on the real place!

Conservative plains people vs city ape people

>Coastal Oregon
Depressing sea towns like England
People who grow mustaches and adopt novelties in place of personalities
>Salem-Roseburg corridor
Mostly just boredom and colleges
Nu-California colony
>Everything else
PNW rednecks

No I once held a presentation about the nature and the coast of Oregon in school and as weird as it sounds the coast still appears in some of my dreams

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Newport indeed is depressing as fuck

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Is this true that Oregon, Washington and ChinkCucklumbia is different among each other like Denmark, Sweden and Northern Germany?

That is weird. I've actually never been to Oregon. Tell me about its coast.

That's the main highway. Coastal towns usually have other areas (like the beachfront, harbors, etc.) which are better for walking around.

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Tuberculosis patients used to live on the coast because the cool salty air was supposed to be good for their lungs.

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Serial killers, trannies, and food trucks.

That’s better, there is definetly something mysterious about the coast. I like it.

Antifa protests and forest hikes.

What about the lumbago patients?

Progressive Portland..
I go to school in Portland.
Although the beaches are depressing here, Oregon overall is hella nice, good people too,

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I am looking for a poster from Clackamas county. I call them "Clacky" or "The Clack". If you see them, report them to me. Describe their appearance and the size of their mouth and eyes. Don't attempt to engage The Clack without telling me first. Do not engage The Clack alone. Do not talk to or look at the Clack directly in the eyes. Tell me where the Clack is.

Gravity Falls is there

Yes. Washington and Oregon are very different, and California is completely different....

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>Depressing sea towns like England
Nothing like England m8 but depressing I agree, the weather is awful.
Inland away from the coast the weather is great if a little cold at night.

Washington has more extremes, it has the bigger major city (Seattle), bigger secondary cities, bigger volcanoes, bigger importance in the nation really...

Oregon is more historic in some sense though, the major population center being in the Willamette Valley which was a major destination for westward settlement using what's known as the Oregon Trail. It's also more unique and has hidden cool places and I think it has more to see, the coast is also more beautiful in Oregon.

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hm, I dunno, places like Newport or Coos Bay feel like Redcar or Milom or something to me... same weather, too

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I'll do a photodump (16 photos) of a small area along the central coast, and describe it a bit. We'll start with the coastline itself - much of coastal Oregon is a series of low hills called the Coast Range. You can see the basic topography here:

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The next few photos will show the density of the forest. It's very thick. This is quite close to the ocean, so it's kind of breezy and wet a lot of the time. In ecological terms, this is a temperate rain forest mostly made up of coniferous (evergreen) trees.

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The forest is occasionally broken by meadows, especially around windy hilltop areas. These meadows are full of mosses and seasonal grasses, and provide nice views of the surrounding hills.

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Also Oregon is famous for its really fertile major valley, the Willamette, which also grows some of the best wine in the country... Washington has farms, too... but Oregon agriculture is some of the best in the country, so it's known for that in a sense

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For me, it's the cascades.

The treetops ('the canopy') actually has its own ecosystem full of birds and different kinds of insects which only live near the tops of trees, rather than closer to the ground. This is similar to tropical rainforests.

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When people go to Oregon they’re really gone. Hahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha.

This is a typical view of an area directly inland from the Pacific Ocean.

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