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Brb converting to Catholicism so I can be cool like those guys

thank you, Kanye, very cool!

Didn't kanye become orthodogs

I've never heard that but it sounds plausible because Kanye

oh wait he's married to an Armenian, so it wouldn't be a weird Kanye thing if he did that actually

I mean he would still make it a weird Kanye thing just by doing it
But yeah, pretty sure that was the motivation for coming out with his Jesus album or whatever that was

based fake butt Armenians bringing proddies back to real churches


You got any tips for me if I want to try going to a Catholic church
Would much prefer 'Doxy but there's about 4 of those churches here and all of them are a million years away from me

not really
it's a church, just go in and do church stuff lole

Fair nuff
Just wasn't sure if there's weird branches of it that I should avoid or whatever. I guess that's the protestant mindset tho, Catholicism is far more centralized and ordered than the churches I was raised around.

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Bit gay

*table slapping noises*

>Just wasn't sure if there's weird branches of it that I should avoid or whatever
yeah, orthodoxy

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yeah sorry

Jesus is King album? more of a Whitey Ford sings the blues album man myself

oh uh ok i didnt expect this level of civility

Forgot what webm this is

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Oh yeah that's what it is
Slightly disappointed ngl

why doesn't windows have previews for webms yet

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Where did he get that

relic storage

it's probably a relic

Imagine being so beloved and respected that people still revere your cadaver feet after you die
I wish my feet were considered holy

I wish I had yoda hands

Those cardinals look very cool ngl

I just want SACRED FEET and 3 GREEN FINGERS on each of my hands okay

fuckin obese vulcan elf fag lookin ass