Do you like living in California? If not, where would you rather live?

Do you like living in California? If not, where would you rather live?

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I like living in Minnesota

I live in Utah, so no I do not currently enjoy living in California

Give it back, Cletus

The traffic and general fakeness of the populace got to me more than the cost of living.

How are they fake? Also do you live in NorCal or SoCal?

It's ok, but like everywhere else it's not perfect.
>+ Weather is nice.
>+ Lots of local and international options for everything\
>+ Cultural diversity is nice.
>+ Cultural diversity is optional and customizable
>- Taxes high af
>- Traffic can be shitty
>+ You can distance yourself from the city to get the exact mix of city/suburb life for you.
>- Cost of living is high
>- Taxes high yet keep rising

People assume certain things about Cali like diversity, homeless folk, plebs, and traffic. But most of that is about compromise. Don't like homeless? Don't live in downtown LA. Still want that city life with few hobos? Move just outside of LA to Ktown or one of the other sub-divisions. Don't like minorities? Go to the white suburbs. Don't like traffic? Move to the hills and hang out in Santa Monica. Don't have money to live in the hills? Well that's too bad. Money applies everywhere in life.

But the main reason I don't move is because family and friends are here. Other pretty decent states are NV, TX, OR, and CO.

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I lived in Anaheim for 3 years and San Mateo for 5, I now live in Las Vegas aka The Eastern Inland Empire. I don't know how to describe it, it's like everyone is just pretending to be someone they're not and instead of genuine personalities people just mindlessly follow what's cool and trendy at that exact moment in time. It's very weird to go home to Michigan now and see people just being themselves and living life in a mostly sincere fashion and not trying to maintain some weird paper maché personality.

so do you have papers now?

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Aren't most popular areas like that? Such as Chicago, New York, etc. I could be wrong.

Yeah. But I've basically watched mass immigration overwhelm and destroy my city.

I'd like it a lot more if the state government wasn't so inept and if everything didn't cost so much. Beyond that it's okay.
I know what you mean, it feels like I have to adopt a different persona depending on who I talk to. I even have to do it with my friends and my brother sometimes.

I dunno it's not like that in Detroit but it's like that in most large Metros in the West like Seattle, Portland, and Denver.

I too share this pain. We should build a giant gate at the point of the mountain, and flood Salt lake valley.

>I know what you mean, it feels like I have to adopt a different persona depending on who I talk to. I even have to do it with my friends and my brother sometimes.
Wtf what goes on in California that you have to be that fake? Even in front of people you know?

>Don't like homeless? Don't live in downtown LA.

No, you give back Mexico city to us.

Is this Cletus meme from the fact that Cletus is a greek name and Americans came from Europe or is it based off Simpsons Cletus since he's a redneck?

>Do you like living in California?
yes it's the greatest part about this shithole of a country
>If not, where would you rather live?
Japan looks pretty based and you can't go wrong with Europe

You don't want to be the real scourge of society: The Uncool Person who doesn't eat Filipino-Ethiopian-Colombian fusion burritos from the cool new pop up food truck.

It's okay but I hate the sun, wish state politics was less retarded, and it's too expensive.

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Fakeness isn't a quality in one state or region, general fakeness is more of an american thing
>t. lived on east coast, all my friends were fake

Where on the east coast?

I live in Hawaii, California is too pretentious for me.


I was born in Southern California. Ya it's nice. Weather is ok, lot of beauty, lot of local produce. Problem is it's expensive and everything is a car drive away on freeways with enough cars to cause traffic at 2pm on the 5.

I live in Connecticut now and frankly the only shit deal is the weather and some of the produce is all some less than fresh canuck shit.

I don't live in California but I've passed by there in a lot of my road trips. It's nice to visit but i don't understand how people can live there. The gas was $4.5 a gallon when i visited and every restaurant would overcharge you. I paid like $25 for a pizza that was worst than fast food pizza. shit place except for the forests

There's a lot of shit you have to swallow your pride and nod along with if you don't want to be treated like the scum of the earth. For example, everyone's got a story about some crazy homeless guy harassing them for change or just trying to pick a fight because they're psychos. But if you say anything about it in front of the wrong person, you're a heartless monster. You have to keep up appearances because anybody can and will call you out for "toxic" opinions.

You mean you can't just say something like "this homeless guy tried to fight me, what the heck was that all about' to anyone? And if you do, they'll think you're heartless?

you must interact with middle class + sjws

actual angelenos don't give a fuck about homeless people

Can confirm. Or just live in the only red part near it, Simi. Coincidentally where a lot of LAPD sleeps.

What part of CA are you from? Just curious.

Here in NYC every bydlo wants to move to los angeles. I have no idea why they think that's better, I guess the weather.

Really? I thought New Yorkers were really proud of their state.