Lyulin edition

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Sloni is a cuck edition.

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every baiter wishes they had trump's power to kill with a single shitpost

Stop projecting, animegay.

Trump is just practising eugenics.

that's exactly what i thought when i heard him speak, this nigga is legit baiting retards. all it does is make him even more powerful
>he killed with WORDS!
>"i have an impact, a YUGE impact, on people's lives. this is why you should elect me. people do what i tell'em, people do what i tell'em, even if i told them to jump off a roof, they'd do it because they love me."

>into feet
>into femdom
>admited he was a cuck and wants iki to fuck his gf
>data shows people who like feet and femdom are also very likely to be cuckolds
It all makes sense.

>wants iki to fuck his gf
Never said that.


if you injected disinfectant because Trump told you to, you deserve the consequences.

I just said that she would rape him, not that I want her to rape him. Therefore I'm not a cuck.

>It doesn't count if you do it to assert dominance over inferior species.
Shut up, cuck.

Don't make me come to Bitola to rape you, Animetwink.

Can't wait till a famous youtuber LARPs as injecting disinfectant and kills off some of his followers lel.

I am 185cm and muscular. Also you're a cuck, I encourage you to come with your gf and I'll creampie her with my seed. If you behave I'll allow you to lick out my cum from her vagina otherwise I won't even let you jerk off.


He's furiously jacking off to the thought right now.

Fun fact: lyulin people are obsessed with socks. There are vending machines for socks and dedicated sock stores that sell nothing but socks.


>socks-only shops

Bump and good night.

Don't let the femoid bite.


wakey wakey time for your weekend lockdowns to begin

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she will give you manlet hapa sons

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implying I give a shit about kids, lmfao, besides if i have a kid with an uga boogar they might turn out like you, so thanks but no thanks

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classic herbivore """man""" you are

I don't think you know what that term means, mister classic dimwit

you're lucky we'll never meet IRL because you will wake up a toothless paraplegic you testosteroneless faggot

I'd HEEM you in a second mister internet tough guy

shut up queer

make me fag

yu olredi fag

no u