What are /intoids planning on doing on Friday nite?

Planning to get drunk and do some programming

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kys tranny

post progaaaymer socks

I make 150k after tax doing this at 22 macaco so stfu

Nothing. We're on a lockdown


it's already Saturday morning
why are Americans so backwards?

You can do something at home too my fren

Hmm and then what? Shitposting or vidya or something else?

>doing some programming

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Hoping a gay thread comes up

Well, I'll cut trees on runescape then.

Why is doing programming associated with trannies? I have some interviews in a few months so I will prepare for those if that makes it any more 'straight'

cant sleep

Whats with trannies and: programming, anime and speed runs?

I always like to eat a lot and jerk off. I feel so sexy when I'm stuffed. I'm such a big, fat piggy.

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hah I was up till 6 am today too

well then eat less I suppose

Idk my IBD is flaring up so probably shitting a lot and taking NSAIDs because it's making different 0parts of my body hurt. Drinking would just make it worse. I blame coroner for this.

we are cursed

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I'm shitposting in grindanfc and trying to get a dragon mattock from bgh.

Playing vidya and cooming I guess. I might order a bucket of fried chicken, but I'm trying to lose weight so that might not be a good idea

Perfectly normal girly hobbies I don't know what you mean.
>The answer is autism btw

probably thats why I am planning to drink so I can fall asleep

I am planning to order a bucket too rn

> programming
> girly

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>do some programming

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Im going to eat a bowl of cinnamon chex cereal, maybe play some video games.

Lockdown sucks

> no you cannot work on somehing for which you are paid 6 figures

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>> no you cannot work on somehing for which you are paid 6 figures

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But I like being a big, fat piggy! I'm such a good one too. :D
Just keep feeding me and rubbing my belly. uwu

why don't you eat something nice? It's a friday after all

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If thats what you like user...

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Why are you so butthurt lmao? What are you doing right now? Shitposting demented delusion of trannies everywhere?

play modern warfare
then jerk it to Thai lady boy porn
oh wait thats every day

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I already did eat something nice imho aka home made ramen noodle, cinnamon chex is my delicious desert. I am saving it for before bed so I can have sweet dreams


Uh Oh

What's up with programming and anime/girls?

I hope you enjoy it



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I'm going to crawl into bed having not eaten for days and sleep for 12 restless hours and fake up happy because I've forgotten my life and then it hits me like a freight train a few seconds after my eyes open

why wpuld you do that to yourself?


Trans girls tend to be programmers for instance this Finnish tranny

I am mentally unwell but it's okay