Your cunt

>your cunt
>if you could be anyone else who would you be

I would want to be a 6’2 handsome Norwegian man in a small village with a loving buxom blonde wife and a steady job as a history teacher at a local school. I don’t want fame or riches whatsoever.

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An indian tech guru who is also a ebay card scammer that targets american boomers and post on social media "show boobs and vagina"

Me, but better and richer.

This and living in Monaco.

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That sounds miserable
You have to be another person, you can’t just change your own qualities

Me but with no hairloss, no performance anxiety and taller.
I would be a Kiwi working as a park ranger or zoologist in the jungle.

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I would be a version of myself with money, Damn my life would be fucking great. I would never ever have to use a website full of incels, inbreds, autists and terrorists. But hey, guess what? I didn't chose to be born in a shithole

A park ranger.

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park ranger bro!

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If I have to be a different person then I want to be a wealthy turn of the century English Oxford educated aristocrat with a cute gay lover

Yeah blame your place of birth instead of taking autonomy for your failure.
You sound like a total bore in light of your 'vision'. That's probably why people don't like to network with you.

This guy is fucking epic. Even though the scammers aren't quite the sharpest tools in the shed it's still an impressive feat.

They have these elaborate facilities and spreadsheets and methods yet still can't learn to use a fucking VPN and get doxxed via IP lmao.


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What the hell the man in the OP's picture looks computer generated.

Id be Jake Gyllenhaal

>read the post
>literally knew it would be an american posting it

Top kek. Did you know that Norwegians got the smallest brain in Europe, just ask Sutreanon he is a scientist

Shit's gonna get scary once realtime audio/video deepfakes start becoming widespread.
Good luck explaining to everyone's grandparents that the person on the other line is actually a scammer, even though he sounds and looks and just like their relative.
On an unrelated note, my god is this thread shit. I just keep forgetting how shit this entire website is now. It needs to be nuked, it's had its' run.

this is some black mirror shit
you'll be able to get a sample of someone's voice and a video / pics of how they look and do spooky porn for yourself

I have a colossal skull bro
I could knock Sutreanon out with just a single swing my rock-hard cranium bro

Yeah, it's fucked. But at least we're gonna watch some great shit on YouTube while society collapses.

people will adapt and learn not to blindly trust any audio/video data

>American with snowdens career, just without the whole leaking thing

I would want to be a 6'5 masculine black BVLL in a norwegian village that routinely has sex with the local school's history teacher's wife.


the exact same as OP

187.96 Centimeters

I am 191cm and feel average. Aim for 2m desu

How so?

I'm fine on who I am
I just wish I wasn't born here