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>grows by 1

>grows by 1

>grows by 1
do they really?

>burgers in charge of probability


>image is almost one year old
>incels and newfriends keep getting baited

Drop the proxy, mutt

>image is almost one year old
Holy fuck has it been that long

>full damage control

Circumcised jewish mutts making threads about interracial as always

>>image is almost one year old
>>incels and newfriends keep getting baited

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Man honkeys jus dont know when to quit

>mutt prooves mutts law while theorizing his own law


It grows by 3, apparently.

>cant even make a non-forced meme
>cant even grasp basic math

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The way statistics work is that 1 is 100% chance it should be getting closer to 1 not adding



God I hate mutts so much

Go back then, Guatamalaortinomoralez.

>Go back then, Guatamalaortinomoralez.

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eurangatans btfo

>grows by 1
LMAO, they really do

>grows by 1

yes. they do and we love black wamen too
t. white alfa male living in mulatta island

american education isak

>grows by 1
Lmao you can’t make this up

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>grows by 1
Increased by x1 fold

Do you live in the middle of a Lake because Surinam doesn't have islands