Is this real?!

Is this real?!

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>american example got shot and died
yes it's true

None of it, except that I do make 120k a year.

Literally me.
t. 25 year old

I'm 24, have a beard, my own truck, and rent a house
so pretty close to it aha

Americans are gradually resembling Europeans more and more as christianity declines, deindustrialization accelerates, and urbanization increases.

>having a car

no I've got three kids and mental health problems and my life is an absolute trainwreck

If you break a bone you lose everything

Will Americans even recover?

why isn't the american in pic related obese and mixed?

I'm 25 years old and I don't even have a car

because he's not Greek

I unironically look like an American dude on this pic, but live a life of a European.
27 years old, share an apartment with my college buddy, drive a shitty hatchback from 2005, own a playstation 4, and a gaming keyboard. My fiance left me 2 years ago.
We did go wrong?

why tf did u have 3 kids if ur a trainwreck

dumb fuck


im 26, make 12$ an hour, and am moving back in with my parents next month

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American here. Yes I can confirm other than the marriage thing.

Highly accurate. Most Europeans probably agree that it’s accurate as well, although they will follow it up by saying the European is better off.

Dude sometimes shit just happens. Mental illness is legit a wild card. The three kids on the other hand lol.

now all your kids inherited your mental illnesses lmao look at this dood

27, $16/hr (with some overtime). Still live with parents. We'll make it eventually user


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the american is several tens of thousands of dollars in debt

I'm a mix. I look like a soyboy but I'm 25 with my own house. Only cucks play PlayStation tho.

And? Debt is only an issue if you have an interest rate that fucks you and lack the equity to cover it. I'm over 100,000 in debt, my equity is triple that and my interest on that debt is lower than inflation, so it's not an issue. I will continue saving and investing my money, and making major purchases on debt, no that if needed I can flex and cover the debt if needed.

>I'm over 100,000 in debt
thanks for confirming

i wish i were american

That guy almost certainly did not go to college, he's probably a carpenter or works in construction for 23 dollars an hour.

an he's in debt like every american

24 American and cannot wait to miraculously obtain a DODGE RAM 2500 BIG HORN REGULAR CAB 4X2 8' BOX, house, and mayo woman slave on my next birthday. I thought my life was over as a loser who works a mcjob but G*d is truly great praise him!