Why is achieving this so difficult in you're country?

Why is achieving this so difficult in you're country?

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it isn't i can lie down in bed whenever i want

It's not.

>you're country
maybe because you dont speak english


cause corona

>Proceeds to butcher the English language.

german w*men are picky animals
god i hate the german mentality and the autism so much
i need to leave

anyone can do it if they have money or a gun through

that's an idealization and you shuold kys

You have noone to blame but yourself. There is no such thing as "inceldom" but merely being a bitchy faggot.

but the autism's cute

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it's not.

im a 4channel user and i have a gf, so you can get an idea of how easy it actually is.

I am an incel in germany

no you are not. You are an volcel larping as an incel.

because i want a qt Japanese gf not a disgusting wh*toid

It's easy as hell here, I'm just really damn bad at trying it

because we are under quarantin and we can't leav our houses to find gfs

It's not, not at all. I lie in bed very often.

kys, disgusting weeb.

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Is this a serious question
Even the chadiest of Chads here can't have sex without it eventually biting them in the ass.

>Virgo whine
Fuggin a thot on a king size bed? I guess 100+ pooru bucks for a "escort" and about 300 bucks for a good hotel room. Doable.

Try a new arab spring and kek out all you military generals and clerics.

im poor

Try again what got us multiple failed states and civil wars with hounderds of thousands of casualties?

It's not difficult if you're not a 160cm manlet or have some kind of handicap.

Because I can't relate to them at all and I don't have the patience to put up with their vanity and mundanity long enough to increase my chances of getting laid. I also only feel attraction to obese women and I actively dismiss any possible advances from thinner women because I know I won't be happy with them. Despite this presumed drop in standards, I haven't been able to get past merely getting their number.
Still, I believe my situation is resolvable with enough luck and time

This is why you should go to a different country to achieve it.

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