As a native English speaker, I just realized that "you" probably sounds funny to non-English speakers

As a native English speaker, I just realized that "you" probably sounds funny to non-English speakers.

What are some other funny sounding phonemes?

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"you" is even more funny when pronounced by someone from Spain or Italy desu.

all sounds are silly when you think about them too long



Poland would be Buttland in German

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From age 6 to 16 i couldnt understand how "one" is pronounced as "won" and how you literally cant hear the difference

not really

It was initially pronounced as it's spelled, but as early as the 14th century, it started being pronounced with a 'w' sound at the beginning. It's a funny linguistic feature that can be chalked up to 'w' being in almost the exact same place as the long 'o'.

>Yes I come from Buttland, how do you know?

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because you stole my car


Why is you a funny sound?

Not a word but i hate general R sound of english, especially those ones that you roll up yout tongue strongly,
world, curl, irk,,,,,,
It is very embarrasing to me to pronounce in front of others and so is everyone.

Why is "you" a funny word? There are some words that mean something completely different here which is quite funny but I never thought "you" was funny

du is better than you

the way anglos pronounce ferrari is completely ridiculous

the way you English-speakers pronounce 'r'. It's a travesty.
It's not a vowel but it's not really a consonant most of the time, and definitely isn't what an 'r' should sound like.

what ?
also the whole american language sound dumb an retarded af, it's even worse in the mouth of a cute girl.

Yes because your language doesnt sound queer at all.....

How? “Tu”,”du”,”usted” are all pretty similar

>american language

yes we speak the american language right now, all of us, it happens it comes from the english nobody ever really used globally until american hegemony.

what funny sound they are

It's more of a vernacular really, but yes foreigners do mimic the vocabulary and phrases of popular american culture.

aight holmes

that doesn't even exist


>american language
based retard

Oh, I should’ve said as in French, German, Spanish etc.

Not really, why would it?

>he doesn't speak american

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por favor, habla inglés