Why are posters from norway and denmark such horrible people while finns and swedes are cool?

why are posters from norway and denmark such horrible people while finns and swedes are cool?

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why do you hate sweden

only remember one thing in life: swedes are massive fags

they're arrogant but they have done nothing for no one

this is something you pulled out of your ass isnt it anderson

mostly not

because Swedes are based

said no one ever

Hey, we bribed your polticians so we could deliver 5g infrastructure

swedish posters should die. im happy that their country will be a futurist islamic ummah,

they will die

Mashallah, my brown brother

Sweden will be a joint Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Somalian protectorate

Fuck off Taconigger. Your country is a shithole.
People in the Americas always talk about how Malmö and Stockholm are warzones, now take a look at your own cities. Take a look on the map, not a single Swedish or European city is on the top 50 most dangerous city list in the world. New worlders should stop talking abot about Sweden

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super butthurt
hit and miss
very low iq

Norwegians are horrible, selfish people.

How is life there? I see so many people bitch and moan about how terrible Sweden is.

Norway? You mean the Swedish west coast
Fuck off, Yankee

Life in Scandinavia is not socially easy for foreigners, because they don't care about befriending foreigners.

higher iq than you, muhammad.

sweden should be split with all other nordic countries. We could take eastern coast while denmark gets skåne and you'll get western sweden. All foreigners will be put within sami areas so we can have our annual nordic battle royale.

I've heard that you don't care about befriending, period.

What are you talking about?

Danes and Swedes are the worst.
Both are arrogrant northern Germany peoples.

We natives of Nordics Norway=Nordmen=True Vikings
And us Finns are the most down to earth people possible(also very racist)
Its not a suprise jungle monkey posts this idiotic post.

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Come and take it, bitch. Sweden is stronger than all other Nordic countries, we could singlehandedly defeat Norway, Denmark and Finland at the same time


sweden is best
denmark norway a close second
finland was down with the third world countries

Just ignore the inbred brits

>sweden is best

lel ive been to luleå and stockholm pushing svens around, they wont do shit. now post some pics of your gay army

Swedes are the bully big brother
Finns are the cool rebellious little brother

No one cares about the other two

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You have what 40k military personnel? finland has that 10x in reserve and your equipment is not really any different from us.

also cringe

yeah this is cope
did they laugh at your accent?

we are not related merkel

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No one cares about Finland, many of us don't even consider Finland to be Nordic.

Being very introverted and generally cold people.

>finland has that 10x in reserve
Kek, imagine using reserve personnel as an argument, pathetic. Most of your reserve personnel are probably out of shape boomers

nah they just ran away

So you basically invaded the two irrelevant countries Denmark and Norway, and left alone Finland and Sweden. Germans are really retarded tacticians.

Its not ur choice ahmed, world you might be looking for is scandicuck.

Here before you, and at this rate will be later too.

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maybe you smell dawg

People usually find their close friends during childhood or study time, occassionally people become friends with colleagues.

Faroe Islands

That's the 5 Nordic countries. Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Faroese and Icelandic are all 5 very similar, Finnish on the other hand got nothing in common with the rest of the Nordic languages.
If Finland is Nordic, we should also consider Estonia, Latvia, Scotland and England to be Nordic

Why would that even matter what some few small minded individuals think of us? We dont speak Scandinavian languages but our culture and history is tied to yours.

In that case Estonia and Latvia should also be Nordic. Hell we could also include England and Scotland because of Norwegian and Danish vikings

You and Denmark are northern germany folk.
You fit right in at same lockery with netherlands.

North belongs to Nordmen(including iceland), Sami, Finns and Balts.

You dont belong here. Go back south.

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I have to also point out that finland is bilingual country that makes us nordic. those countries you pointed out isn't really comparable. We were part of sweden for almost 700 years and we participated everything you did for those 700 years. Learn your history.