Does anyone esle here unironically love the US?

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well love is a strong word but i like us.

Aw, we love you too. Even if your country sounds like the name of a Lord of the rings orc.

Our greatest ally. Truely what all goyim should strive for

:) ty bro

nada de amor para esos putitos



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>Does anyone esle here unironically love the US


It's the most retarded, dangerous and disgusting nation. I like their president, is like a real homer simpson.

USA... Home. At least it was before [Latinos] fucked everything up...

Uruguay is the less corrupt, richer version of Argentina. Y'all have a case of sour grapes.

No fuck US

I only love my home state and some of the adjacent ones, you can give the rest back to the Indians for all I care.

My parents are all American red blood. Of course i Love the US. Whenever some faggot talks shit about US like the arab WMD's war or some shit, i simply punch that mouthbreather right in the face in the name of freedom, and guess what, European girls just fucking LOVE it.


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Somebody get this American Patriot a Bud Lite Platinum®

Thanks bud, but I prefer REAL brew, like Adams, since it's named after my ancestral founding father.

it would be like loving a sociopath

Yes. I am very proud of my country's grandchild.

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Yeah it's ebin desu


I will love America once they punish liars like Bush and Dick Cheney for starting false wars for personal profits. Obama and Trump were/is good, more or less, but the Bush Dynasty has to hang next to his cronies before i ever forget the crime USA did..

What is the most liberal state and city in all the united states?

basically a city and state that is the paradise of the liberals

and the worst for the Republicans and a real hell for the conservatives

Is this required for Americans to work in jail? I mean in Soviet Russia to have a job while in jail is a privilege, but in American movies, it looks like you can't not work in a jail.


It can go either way

So you mean different states have different rules about it? But do they change from jail to jail?

For what reasons is the city of seattle the ideal american city that i am looking for?

I hate them

LA and SF are also good choices

between San Francisco and Los Angeles

Which of the 2 is the worst for the Republicans and a real hell for the conservatives?

No different jails have different rules private ones I think mostly have forced labor and state ones have more optional jobs

SF more fags and trannies