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we're here:

use this one heheheh


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fuck u clogwog this is the thread

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Ballet and Yoga are just women being pretentious about stretching.

Name my band lads

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Fucked it again

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€60 for water filled sacks that you put on a dumbbell, they amount to 10KG


I honestly want to shoot these cunts in the face.

ballet and yoga are the reason i don't have a gf
think about it logically
if a gf doesn't have a bf, she is more likely to do yoga
yoga exists
therefore destroy yoga and i will get a gf
ballet is the bear in the car

- good looking
- tall
- intelligent
- deep voice
- nice accent
- sharp eye colour
- soft, clear skin
- good facial hair
- proportionate frame

i've won the genetics lottery lad

lowe it


Sucked too many golf balls now I'm depressed

is there any direct evidence that hospitals are under strain from covid-19?

haha used ccleaner and you got unfiltered, let me just fix that

Imagine sucking piping hot milk out of pregnant Azula's tits

Imagine posting this in two different threads. Bit sad


the proof is in the pudding

Yeah imagine

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You're such a loser

No because they aren't. Been reported just about everywhere now that they are all operating below capacity and the nightingale hospitals aren't being used.

Think I might have fallen in Lykke Li after listen to her first album 2bh lads


TOMMY CASH IS ON!!!!!!!!!!

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men are providers, women are the provided for
simple as

Wonder if britgif is still up


*in love


have not been here in months and lisicki is still spamming about how good looking he is on Yas Forums and hes been doing so for around 5 years now

really just sad please stop

chin up la

>oooooo nooooooo le lots ot traffic!!!!11!1
fucking top yourself you cringy cunt

I have all of this but I'm too tall (6'7)

>good looking
you told us you look like david bowie
he's not attractive
you're average
god no lol you haven't said anything intelligent in the several years you've been on this general
>deep voice
doubt it
>nice accent
you're from swansea so nah. nobody thinks the welsh accent is sexy or attractive
>sharp eye colour
you have blue eyes, hardly green. what does this even mean? lol
>soft, clear skin
doubt it you druggie, you do class A's every week
>good facial hair
>proportionate frame
didn't you say you had a 28" waste at 6'3 once? thats not proportionate

overall you're probably a 4/10 at best. ofc you could just post a pic and that would be the end of it

you don't have a personality or anything, nothing about you is interesting. which is why in the seven or so years you've posted here not once have you had a girlfriend

lol was replying to that wsg link who care

yes, you're free to be an idiot and willingly sit in la traffic


Fucking hell ancient webm

Everybody selling gym equipment on donedeal, gumtree, etc should be herded into camps and murdered brutally on an industrial scale. I hate them so much.


Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


does anyone know this song

willing to pay up to and including 1 (You)

hahaha holy fuck

anyone playing Valorant yet or is it still in closed beta?

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this one always makes me feel horrible just watching


deserved it

yeah i know it

payment on receipt la

as much of a meme as it is, suffering is a law of the universe as much as gravity or entropy or sneedposting

yes mate

>yes this global pandemic is ackshually not real
take your meds

Feedback appreciated x



shazam doesn't so no

but suffering only happens to conscious beings
what makes consciousness a necessary enough part of the universe to make that which comes under it have laws?

do you know what they call me on campus?

you didnt ask but I'll tell you anyway

they call me "big willy william"


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shazam it

didn't ask


how is such a small action an indicator of one's mental status?



literal stalker

chest is in bits and my heart has been pounding non stop for the last 3 days lol fuck me

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>this is a white male in the year 2020


willyberg is not fan of fannyberg

Any fiesta ST man in

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Remember all the McGregormongs being delusional enough to think he stood a chance



first joke actually had me screaming

all the rest were shite

Gayberg did a number on you


>I dunno g, man might have a pretty good chance. I might put a tenner on ‘im

david irving is a hero and a scholar


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You LITERALLY think this is attractive, fucking state of you

No surprise you find David Bowie attractive seeing as he fucked a 14 year old once

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post tanks and or planes

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love webms me

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quarter to 1


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no but i had one of these

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high plains drifter is a very strange western

life i lost interest
now im an insect

>not using tomorrow style

grim grim GRIM

>I'm gonna filter you!

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>suffering only happens to conscious beings
i would disagree
a tyrant of a mountain is worn down to mere sand over the ages, and sand is worn down itself into things not visible
feeling suffering? yes, everyone save psychopaths feels suffering. our purpose is not to avoid suffering, but to endure it
>what makes consciousness necessary the same thing that makes rocks or water or time or change or matter or the laws of physics necessary
whatever and whoever god is, he wants it to be this way, and a prisoner cannot realistically fight against his galoer

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what was the first joke? the bat thing? that wasn't funny at all. and if the rest arent funny why'd you post this. quit wasting peoples time.


Yet you reply to the same bait every time. 190 doesn't even exist, its literally a larp. You're a worse poster than he is

good lad

can't get excited about tanks desu

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wtf lads I just found out the fucking krauts have a /deutsch/ /wsg/ thread () that predates our /brit/ one ()

Fucking Krauts what they playing at, they arent allowed to colonise boards, we do that

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190cm we know this is you mate lol

hes fresh from Yas Forums and its really annoying me

>five simps sniffing an e-whore (circa 2020)

I don't talk to yanks about comedy

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donating substantial amounts to snails trust cause I heard something on Yas Forums about jews hating snails

though it was likely some word that just happens to rhyme with it really

It's not though. All soap opera mongs should fuck off to britfeel. Literally killed this general

really fucking good though



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love these things, a few years ago people used to post maps of green space saying "look at how much we have left, we can build so many houses for refugees and it would be like nothing happened"

I stopped paying attention to elon musk's vanity projects after he exposed himself as a jocked up piece of shit in the diver saga

Not leaving your house and waking up at a different time each day in between drinking makes it really hard to remember if you've brushed your teeth or not

Today is 80 years since the great country of britain ordered all ships of the occupied faroe islands to take down the danish flags and instead rise the faroese one, against the danish colonial governments wishes. This was the first time after decades of oppression that the faroese were legally allowed to fly their flag. 25th of april is celebrated as offical flagday in the faroes.

I, behalf of all faroese people want to thank you for this great deed.

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eatching knock out videos lads


Wonder what it feels like to knock someone out.

Just looked it up and this is objectively wrong. Lebanon is about two and a half times the size of Cornwall
To be fair, don’t disagree that 20,000 is a bit of a miserly effort

how do you lads cope with never have a prime chav gf at least once?

too much for me lads x

Clogwog on the ropes