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Gay? Not okay edition

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Are the people who refuse to stay inside because muh economy the same people who call government assistance communism?

nth for funposting

I love my /cum/mies even the ones that wish harm upon me.

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hope you stub your toe next time you get up

*kisses u*

I love you too!

What is the most liberal state and city in all the united states?

basically a city and state that is the paradise of the liberals

San Francisco, California.

San FranJesco, Jalifornia

lol faggot

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San Francisco

>tfw you open your window and let in the fresh air after working out for a few hours

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bro why

The Za

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ego masturbation maybe

>working out for a few hours
That's a long ass workout.

bruh finna hand me a shlice'a

All for me >:)

it involves a lot of stretching too, I've been working out twice a day for a couple of hours every day this week and feel amazing.

10/10 post
Enjoy it, my friend.

San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle?
Which of the 3 is the worst for the Republicans and a real hell for the conservatives?

I feel like this was rhetorical.

Nice. I wouldn't have the patience for that.
Glad to hear that it's going well.

Maybe Portland?
It's pretty close between Portland and San Francisco.

how does costa rica do it

he will never not get (you)s

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Because everyone loves him

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He's been doing it for 2 years(?) now

its nice to do something you're bad at

I can't help it.
It's like a compulsion.

something very good about the city of portland is that they like soccer

and I really like the major league soccer

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I like learning things. It makes this life much more enjoyable.

I thought nobody cares about football in the US


stadium is packed and sounds like a euro league game

is this a woman?

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bird just landed on my windowsill and started cheeping at me almost as if nature was coming to check on me.

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It can be if you try hard enough.

I hope you chirped back

Are you a Disney princess?


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>get nervous during phone interview
>hang up while I'm talking
>don't pick up their following calls
>get an email today from hr asking if everythig is ok and if we should reschedule
>tell them we can reschedule for next week and to update me if this will work out
>hr person never replied after

damn, missed out on a good job. I'm such an autist smfh.

I said "Hey buddy" and he flew off

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I am a disney kang

FK is a 29 yo bald creep who does nothing but lurk/post on chans and fap to underage autistic girls

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my mom helped me with my job interview

I hate phone calls, I hate that I can't see the other person. It's really hard for me to pick up social cues without actually visual aid.

why did you give me an image to masturbate to?

You wuz a kang?

Thinking about posting a picture of my asshole

My feet are really sweaty dumb +17c weather

just do it if you want to bud

Please no.
Lewd things are illegal here.

But if u guys didn't think it was cute id just die