One chance at life

>one chance at life
>wasnt born a swede
how do i cope with this fact

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Could have been worse. You had a 1 in 2 chance of being born in India or China, but you weren't. Count your blessings, user.

la criatura sueca in the third panel?

JWonderchild is a FINNISH BVLL.

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JW is Finnish lol

100% Snow olmec.

forsen is the most intelligent and attractive swede

Fourth dude looks Mediterranean.

Lmao most of Swedes I've seen irl is very losery looking. But Americans is even worse, so.


Who's the right most one?

how do russians look like, in your opinion

A completely washed up Twitch streamer

he is the only one of these whom I watch
maybe because I am a twitchfag idk

respect to JW, 99% of incels crying here dont look even 50% that bad yet they ended up losers on Yas Forums and he is millionaire

he had hearthsrone streams with over 100k viewers, cancer chat and text to speech donates at one point. those were the days

They look like they're pretty easy to HEEM

Why do Swedes either look like Chads or baby-faced piglets?

>Why do people look different

Yeah but it's like all of them are one of these two extremes.

Mongolians like Finns.

old forsen PepeHands

all 4 of those are chads


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JW is fat and ugly

Pewds and Forsen are good looking, Notch is alright but not handsome and JW needs to lose fat, especially in those Angelina Jolie-tier lips.

i piss on these losers

JW cruises around in a lamborghini earning millions playing videogames

upset over what

>no Avicii

You forgot Sony Ericsson.

where is dr alban

At least you’re heterosexual

Are you still using a Sony Ericsson phone? They shut down years ago