Do they really?

do they really?

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>Trump is convincing his supporters to drink bleach

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libshits out

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>out of 6 million people

Trump want to give up and tries to kill his dumb electorate so Biden could have a chance.

Oh come on now. Is this not the best timeline? These are patriot Americans and elected their president. Yes they drink bleach and stick a torch in their asses to combat corona, but they never post results on Yas Forums.

And my question to Brits is; why did you kill Rik Mayall? The world is so dark without him.

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Surely they don't...

The Wuflu is killing those in poor health, especially the Blacks and the obese. Trump is trolling with fatal measures to kill the stupid.

We're just purging a bit.

I-i was just pretending to be stupid.

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There is no sense of community in America. That always seemed so alien to me. A culture about ME ME ME and I I I I. I could never live in a country like that.

There's something very wrong with him.

100 people is still a high number

Based. He's thinning the herds.
Stay mad argentino cuck

Ah yes, the old "I was just joking about treatments during a pandemic on television". Gets em every time.

So this is the best guy that Americans elected to be their president? Russia, China and the EU won. The EU and Russia has never been so close.

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>this is a hard surface, maybe depending on whos hand your talking about right?

BAHAHAHAHA fuck atleast he makes politics fun.

>when both candidates for the upcoming US election are senile/have dementia

what a strange time to be alive

Anyone else sees the the US as a truemen show kinda place where the entire world is just making fun of?

Its a strange und sureal that its hard to believe its a real place and at the same time scares me. The US exists as a warning to better nation to not go in the same direction as them.

I just want to watch how insane this senile bitchslap fight gets. Whatever happens retarded American politics never disappoint in its stupidity.

>Anyone else sees the the US as a truemen show kinda place where the entire world is just making fun of?
Everyone does.


Death to the American Empire

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Who is this

America is a big company, not a country

and these are the types of people that made fun of zoomers eating tide pods baka desu famalam


Camila Vallejo

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based eugenics program

Yes, I have been spraying my food for about a month and I feel great plus no Corona

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>sun, heat and humidity wipe out the virus

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sure thing, and enjoy your delusions inside your echo-chamber.

Partly true. The hotter it gets the less it transmits. Typically

he always say that word

jesus christ